The Sierra de La Cabrera. Romanesque, water and granite.

    The Sierra de La Cabrera, whose profile is clearly differentiated from any point near the saw due to its peculiar granitic formations, hosts on its southern slope the town of La Cabrera. From its streets it is easy to observe the flight of the numerous griffon vultures that inhabit the dizzying walls that unmount from its sharp ridge.

    The village that stretches out on a plain surrounded by holm oak pastures, junipers and straws, was inhabited since ancient times as evidenced by its Celtic castro, located at the top of the Hill of the Head.

    We started our route in the municipality of La Cabrera, all the way to the Convent of San Antonio. Surrounded by manicured and beautiful gardens dotted with fountains and ponds is considered as the heritage jewel of La Cabrera. It is an ancient Benedictine cenobio from the 11th century, subsequently converted into Franciscan convent (S.XIV).

    Next we will descend towards the San Roque Tourist Innovation Center, where they will be informed of all the Natural and Cultural Heritage that you can find in the Sierra Norte. In it you can see different exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography and all surrounded by a beautiful Botanical Garden, that recalls the different plant species we find in the Sierra Norte.

    We continue in the municipality of El Berrueco, one of the most traditional villages in the craft of stonework, because of the high quality of the granite on which the village sits. Very water-bound, you look in the mirror that forms the Atazar Reservoir, the most capable of the Community of Madrid.

    It has some monuments of interest, as the Atalaya de Torrepedrera, the Church of Santo Tomás Apóstol, The Hermitage of Santa María, The channel of the Villar, the pillory or roll, the Stoneworking Museum, or the Roman bridge over the Brook Jobalo.

    After eating in a restaurant that gives us stunning views of the entire Atazar Reservoir, we will end the day with a guided tour of The Necropolis of Sevenchurchs, located around the Church of St. Peter the Apostle and on a large granite rock where you can observe two basic types of tombs: anthropomorphic tombs and cyst tombs.

    30 € per person. Transportation not included.
    45 € per person for groups (min. 20 Pax) It includes bus.

    1 day. (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays).

    Guided tour of the Convent of S. Antonio, to the Center for Tourism Innovation and Botanical Garden at La Cabrera, guided tour and food in El Berrueco, and a guided tour of the Necropolis of SevenChurches. Shuttle bus (only for groups, minimum 20 people).

    All audiences, couples, families, friends. Organized groups (minimum 20 people); Retired, Students, Associations... Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

    Throughout the year.(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

    La Cabrera, The Berrueco and SevenChurches.

    Clothes & footwear comfortable and appropriate to the time of the year.


    Sapphire Travels

    Isabel Ferez

    646 737 134

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