• A corner full of Life, Reserve of the biosphere of the Sierra del Rincón

    In the sierra Norte de Madrid we find the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, located at the northeast end of the Community of Madrid, bordering the provinces of Segovia and Guadalajara and the five municipalities: La Hiruela, Montejo de la Sierra, Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Pradena del Rincon and La Puebla de la Sierra. The UNESCO Declaration as a Biosphere Reserve was made in the year 2005 in recognition of the preservation of a territory where it has been able to harmonize the conservation of the natural environment with the traditional uses of it. These spaces are a laboratory for conservation, development and research, where sustainable development formulas are shared for other similar territories.

    The Sierra del Rincón stands out above all for the well-preserved mountain landscapes, modeled by the uses of its inhabitants, especially for livestock, agriculture and forestry activities. In this space are established two core zones, on the one hand, the well-known Hayedo de Montejo, one of the southernmost beados in Europe and a natural exception in the Community of Madrid.

    The Bee- due to its high fragility regulates the number of visits, so if we want to know him we have to book here well in advance. A guide will accompany us and interpret us this treasure of the nature of Madrid.

    The other core area is in the buoy of La Puebla de la Sierra, one of the clearest examples of sustainable management, fruit of man's symbiotic relationship with oaks through "ramoneo", branch cutting process for obtaining fodding and wood, with what the gradual spread of the trunk and its long-term preservation is achieved, giving rise to unique and centenarians.

    This uniqueness of the dehesa de Puebla can be seen to a lesser extent in other similar pastures such as that of La Hiruela, Montejo or Horcajuelo. In addition to the oak groves, which are the genuine forests of the Sierra del Rincón, highlight the mosaic of plant formations that accompany it as riverside forests, Oak, pine forests, and smaller walnut formations, poplars, Ash, mountain pastures...

    All this variety of ecosystems is accompanied by a varied fauna that finds in this corner an unhumanized refuge. This area is a good place for bird watching, especially forest birds spread throughout the territory.

    Another of the treasures of the Reservation of the biosphere Sierra del Rincón is the architectural heritage of its peoples, probably the best-preserved rural architecture of the Community of Madrid. With a structure adapted to the climate and space available, were joined by the spaces for livestock and agricultural uses with the residential space. For its construction, the materials on which it sits were used, i.e. gneis and slates and oak and pine beams, forming villages that integrate strongly into the landscape. To get to know first hand this structure of the house we recommend you to visit the ethnographic museums of La Hiruela and Horcajuelo.

    In addition to the dwellings, this rural architecture reflects the activities that took place in the villages, and of which are very interesting samples as sources, Drinkers, forges, Mills, tinados, Colmenares, regueras, branding Colts, Dry stone walls..., most communal use. These elements are still appreciable in the area and can be visited, like the Hiruela mill, fully recovered, la Hiruela's colmenar, la Puebla de la Sierra tubs, the source of the three pipes in Montejo, dry stone walls scattered throughout the mountain range, the regueras of Prádena, La Hiruela or Montejo, still in use, Horcajuelo's forge, among others...

    To know the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, there's no better way than to do it by walking, because much of its treasures are found on the roads that are scattered throughout the area and communicate the populations. To do this, we propose a half-mountain route of some 50 km., divided in 3 o 4 stages, without technical difficulties, It runs through the most attractive corners of the reserve of the biosphere of the Sierra of el Rincón, In addition to their people.

    It is not a great trekking from the physical point of view, where exceeded are very hilly or long distances, It is walking by the pure pleasure of knowing, enjoy, feel... and we make it very easy, We give you lunch so you recover forces where you choose and if you want you carry luggage accommodation to another, so you walk in the easiest way possible.

    It is a trek to know the most authentic and natural part of the Sierra Norte de Madrid through the senses, have free time in the towns where overnight to be able to stroll through them, chat with our hosts, taste the gastronomy and local products...

    Find out here: Trekking through the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve

    Do you dare?

    Learn more about the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve: http://www.sierradelrincon.org/

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