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    Contact with animals, houses in the trees… Enjoy these outdoor family plans with your little ones, Or take out the child inside you!

    One of the most emblematic places in Madrid is the Casa de Campo: a space where hundreds of families gather to spend some leisure time in a natural setting near the city.

    Madrid's Sierra Norte is an immense country house where you can enjoy the birdsong, inabrcable meadows and a pace of life that invites you to savor the moment. What are you waiting for to meet her with your family?

    Whoever has children knows well that appearances deceive: how can these miniature little people have so much energy? Sports, Games, courses... your batteries don't seem to run out! Imagine having an immense natural space where you can observe animals in their own habitat, exercise outdoors and spend an unforgettable family day. That place is in the Sierra Norte de Madrid!

    Plans with children: Learning, And fun!

    Riosequillo Reservoir

    A natural space where you can relax, do sport or take a dip in summer season.

    This reservoir was inaugurated in 1958, and in it they can become small walking routes, cycling or horseback, as this is a path of some 6 kilometers very comfortable to travel.

    The trail ends in riosequillo's recreational area, who has picnic areas, playground and swimming pools. Did you know that Riosequillo pool is the largest natural pool in Spain?


    Lozoya Choker Tree Houses

    Do you want to feel like Tom Sawyer or Peter Pan? Tree houses don't just exist in stories!

    Any child's dream, and many adults! Cabins located in the treetops, between 4 and 7 meters high.

    Enjoy spectacular views of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park while listening to the sound of birds and watching the coalmen or finches peck on the terrace of the hut.

    There are cottages of different sizes: for 2 people, for 4 and for 5.


    Fieldwork in Gorge of the Mountains

    Nothing like living with animals for your children to develop their love of nature!

    If your little ones are excited about animals, this plan you'll love. You'll be able to see cows, donkeys, Sheep, Chickens, horses,…

    What better way to develop your love of nature than by feeding chickens or riding burrito? It is possible to spend the whole weekend doing various activities.

    family plans


    Do you want to instill environmental care in your little ones? Come to our beekeeping workshop!

    Did you know that bees, because of pollination, play a key role in maintaining biodiversity of our planet?

    Although it is an activity 100% Sure, is not recommended for children under the age of 6 years, and it is also not possible to go if you have an allergy to bee stings.

    In the colder months (from late October to early February) it is not possible to carry out this activity, weather conditions can affect the lives of bees.


    Bike down the natural path of the Valley

    What you like the most is playing family sport? Prepare your bikes...see you in the Sierra Norte in Madrid!

    This route takes place between El Cuadrón and Puente del Perdón (Rascafría), with a total distance of about 32 kilometers one way only. The route begins from the Paular to Rascafría, and continues to Oteruelo, Valley Mall, Pinilla del Valle, Lozoya, Gorge of Los Montes and El Cuadrón.

    Route especially suitable for staged, overnight at any of the points on the route.

    It can be done both on foot and by bike, since there are no big slopes, being his easy/medium difficulty.


    Rope Adventure Park in Lozoya del Valle

    Come with your little ones to exercise outdoors. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

    Guaranteed fun for the whole family! Enjoy with your children in a rope park that, In addition, you can supplement with other activities (Kayak, Snowshoes, mountain bike, paddle surfing,…) depending on the time of year.

    This activity is suitable for people of all ages: for the little ones there's a ball park, bouncy castle and trampoline; while for adults there is a park with 3 heights and ziplines.


    The Sierra Norte de Madrid is The Other Madrid. Come and learn about this wonderful natural environment and learn about where to eat and where to sleep.

    Enjoy your plans as a family and remember that the Sierra Norte de Madrid welcomes responsible tourists.

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