Sites in madrid's Sierra Norte

Within our cultural offering, you will find the YACIMIENTOS DE LA SIERRA NORTE DE MADRID.

Visit the sites of the Sierra Norte de Madrid where you will find traces of the life of Homo Neanderthalensis, tombs dug into the rock or entire cities that today we can only imagine.

Necrópolis de Prádena

During the restoration and value of the parish church of Prádena del Rincón carried out by Heritage between the years 2011 and 2014, one of the most interesting examples of funeral art in the Community of Madrid. […]

Valley of the Neanderthals

The prehistoric sites of the clearing of the fig tree in the high Valley of the Lozoya River are a set of archaeological sites where remains of hominids of the species have been found, Homo neanderthalensis. They are thus placed between the […]

Yacimiento Dehesa de la Oliva

The Archaeological Site, is located on Cerro de la Dehesa de la Oliva, realizing the occupation of different human groups of disparate cultures and societies, from the hunters of the Upper Paleolithic and the materials left by […]

Necropolis of Sieteiglesias

Sieteiglesias Necropolis is located around the Church of St. Peter the Apostle and on a large Rocky area of granite. The work carried out since the year 2001 until now they speak of a chronology covering all the high middle ages, […]

More culture in madrid's Sierra Norte

Religious Architecture

From small hermitages to large churches that look like cathedrals. The Sierra Norte de Madrid shows us through its religious architecture its spirituality and history.

Civil and Popular Architecture

Places of encounter and work of our ancestors in the Sierra Norte of Madrid. From herrar foals that you can find in many villages of the mountains to the great engineering constructions such as the dams that embalme the water of the Lozoya River.


A look at their traditions and their people where you will find: ethnographic museums where we know the life forms of our ancestors, exhibition halls where you can find the contemporary style of the mountains, open-air museums where you will enjoy art and nature and spaces dedicated to great artists who have linked their art to the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

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