• Live the Sierra Norte de Madrid as a family

    Are you looking for family plans in Madrid? The Sierra Norte of Madrid offers countless of them, and we are sure that once you discover them, do not hesitate to enjoy the Sierra Norte de Madrid with children. Become a beekeeper for a day, take a horseback ride, enjoy activities in the garden, sleeping in a cabin in the trees; are just a few of them, Want to know more? Keep reading and you will discover all the family plans that you will not be able to forget once you enjoy them.

    When do we travel?

    Any time of the year is good to make a family getaway to the Sierra Norte of Madrid and enjoy the outdoors with the little ones of the house.

    When did we arrive?  

    Getting to the Sierra Norte de Madrid from the capital will not take you anymore of one hour, a journey not too long to hear from the back of the car,When did we arrive?  

    Do you want to discover as a family a place to enjoy thenature in its purest form?

    The Sierra Norte de Madrid has numerous protected natural areas, where you will find enchanted forests, natural watchtowers leading to endless sunsets, stone labyrinths with multitude of beings that inhabit the forests and meadows, Stealthy, that sometimes you won't see... but they to you do.


    You will enjoy the best family routes through the Sierra Norte of Madrid, you can walk or bike in many of them.

    are ready to live big plans and experiences in family?

    Do you want to rescue a princess or a prince trapped in a castle? Canoe assault the walls of Buitrago del Lozoya?, Conquer a stone watchtower? Riding through the prairies? Choose your adventure in the Sierra Norte of Madrid, and live it as a family thanks to the proposals of the active tourism companies of the territory.

    Do we visit magical places as a family?

    Get on your time machine and you will be able to appear in the time of knights, kings and princesses, at the time where your grandparents and great-grandparents lived great adventures or travel and discover how the inhabitants of the Sierra Norte of Madrid lived in the most traditional way.

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    Don't forget...

    You are on a trip and any lived experience will be very nice to remember. We recommend some ideas to enjoy the outdoor family:

    1-Enjoy an outdoor lunch. Meet our local producers while enjoying a field day.

    2-Observing the stars. Discover the wonders of the sky lying in broad daylight.

    3-Discovering new plants, flowers and animals. Walking the trails while you meet new plants and flowers.

    4-Don't miss the traditions! Playing the blind cookie, the hideout, the scoundrel... on the streets of the enchanted villages you'll meet.

    5-Become explorers! Find pineapples, Leaves, Sticks... and build your little family cabin in the middle of the mountain.

    And also!

    You can sit at the table of the Sierra Norte de Madrid,and regain strength while enjoying fun banquets composed of tasty dishes created with products from our mountains,forests and thanks to our animals and made with magical recipes of the Sierra Norte...

    After a day full of excitement and fun, it's time to rest big, choose where you wantsleep:on the farm, in the castle,... or in a cabin in a tree!Before sleeping and sitting by the fireplace,surely you can enjoy a story, making your stay an unforgettable trip.

    If you want to enjoy time together, playing in the middle of nature, alternating fun with cultural visits traveling to the origin of our peoples and traditions, Pack your bags! we are waiting for you in the other Madrid… Welcome to the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    What are you waiting for family?

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