Jarama Valley in famillia

In Redueña you can stroll through The Edible Arboretum while discovering the secrets of the countryside and trying new flavors.

Visit the many producers and artisans in a space called Torrearte in Torremocha del Jarama. We encourage you to try the cheeses of Cheese Jaramera and Helechal and the magnificent oil Fanum.

Laundry and bridge of Patones de Arriba: Vivir una aventura de cuento en estos maravillosos lugares y capturarlo en una imagen única en familia.


Patones: Patones de Arriba Historic Complex

Redueña: Urban Route with the Stork Lucia / Route adapted by the Dehesa of quejigos and junipers

Torrelaguna: Valgallego Recreation Area / Tour of the wall

Torremocha de Jarama: Gymkana "Discover the history of Torremocha" / Scape room in the museum

The Fleece–The Spartan: Walk to the Quebraones / Aqueduct of the 9 eyes on The Espartal

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