• If you travel to the Sierra Norte in Madrid, do it with responsibility

    From the North Sierra Innovation Center in Madrid, from where tourism is managed and promoted at the destination, we are aware of the yearning to travel of Madrid on this bridge of San José and during Holy Week in Madrid to outdoor spaces where contact with nature is the protagonist. To keep that nature intact, to maintain the low incidence of coronavirus in our small towns, avoid crowds and make the travel experience worthwhile, we call on the responsibility of those who travel to our territory on these dates.

    Madrid's Sierra Norte welcomes responsible tourists

    We want you to know how authentic our territory is, but don't forget to continue to comply with the protective measures that demand us at this time of health crisis also here, and that you know the 10 recommendations to visit madrid's Sierra Norte:


    1. Book in advance and avoid crowds. Find out and know the destination before you come. Make sure you know the village, accommodation, the route and the place where you're going to eat by pre-booking. On our website www.sierranortemadrid.org you find all the information you need to prepare your trip.


    1. Meet our tourism technicians. If you've lacked any details to prepare, once at the destination we have several tourist offices from which to inform you of everything you can do in our villages. Respect your capacity and safety distance.


    1. Consume local. We have a lot of local producers who will open their doors to you. This will help to boost the local economy.


    1. Park in the places enabled for it. We have public car parks in most municipalities, if they're full on arrival, looking for an alternative to parking that doesn't hinder streets and roads. In these days of great influx, you may have to walk a little more to get to your destination, Remember that exercising strengthens your immune system!


    1. Destination Waste 0. Don't leave a mark on your passage through our territory, we want everyone who come to visit it to enjoy it intact. Deposit the waste you generate in the bins or containers of the municipalities.


    1. Respect cultural heritage. Don't leave a mark and rubbish on the monuments. Some damage to the estate is irreversible.


    1. Respect natural heritage. Don't extract flora or fauna from their habitats. Learn about restrictions on Protected Natural Spaces.


    1. Find the least polluting means of transport. When you arrive in the Sierra Norte de Madrid you have many options to practice cycling and hiking and forget about the car.


    1. Live and know the customs of fate. Let yourself be guided by the local population and come and discover the traditions. You will know villages of less than 100 inhabitants, respects your peace of mind, protect yourself and keep your safety distance.


    1. We are the most protected and rural destination in the Community of Madrid. Respect our territory without getting off the roads, remember to take your dog tied up or controlled and close any bramble you find in your path. Remember that it is not allowed to make fire or free camping.


    We welcome responsible tourists!


    Plan your visit to madrid's Sierra Norte in advance on the destination's website: www.sierranortemadrid.org

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