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    SENDERO arises as a project for the design and realizations of sports activities, educational and leisure activities integrated into the natural environment.

    Part of our programming, occupies formative aspects within the field of mountain sports, enjoyable and fun. We are backed by experience and treasured knowledge over years, working various specialties, ranging from Mountaineering and Climbing to Trailrunning to MTB.

    Studying and enjoying nature, it's our way of life and, in that sense, we strive to develop child and youth environmental education projects with attractive and novel approaches, for which we have widely trained and expert people in the field.

    With such a wide and varied field of action, we think it is important to know how to adapt the contents of our activities to the needs that are presented to us and, in that sense, Sendero works every day to transmit his passion for sport and the environment through a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team.

    Contact information

    Avda. Monterrey, s/n. 28729 Venturada (Madrid)

    665 911 492

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