• Sierra Norte de Madrid, destination of entrepreneurs

    Digital nomads are those who do much of their work online and are not subject to a fixed location, adapt to changes and flow with them, value almost above all the freedom of movement and flexibility of schedules by developing their work almost in any location as long as there is good connectivity.

    It's not a new concept, because thanks to the Internet and new technologies many professions have enjoyed these working conditions for years as self-employed, freelancers or digital entrepreneurs; but the Covid-19 health crisis has consolidated, In addition, an unusual modality in employed persons who have become remote workers or tele workers.

    Teleworking, in certain forms of work, it's the closest thing to working in an office, because the same functions are performed as we would if we moved to the workplace, but in this case we usually develop them from home, with its advantages and drawbacks. Being a digital nomad is a step further in this paradigm shift in work, it's about developing your work activity from anywhere in the world, because there is no need for a permanent physical basis.

    Are you a digital nomad?

    Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle, is to meet new cities and cultures, is the need to live new adventures and meet people like you who can even become part of your project.

    A digital nomad is self-sufficient in relation to technology equipment, although sometimes you may have needs such as meeting rooms or audovisual media, for putting a couple of examples.

    Shared workspaces, also known for their English term "coworking" are very popular and sometimes allow you to networking or create contacts between companies with similar or complementary interests and in the Sierra Norte de Madrid we already have two coworking spaces to welcome you, Nómada Digital o teletrabajador.

    • Venturada City Council has opened the Venturada City Council in Cotos de Monterrey Coworking Sierra Gate, an iconic place, with a modern and at the same time welcoming design. It's a multidisciplinary space, that fuses Culture and Business. It offers users fully equipped rooms to carry out presentations, courses, conferences and events, has work points in fixed and flexible jobs, coffee corner and exhibition hall.


    • In Puebla de la Sierra, territory nestled in the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the Community of Madrid; Arises The Shelter. A coworking and coliving space between professionals who prefer to work in an environment that advocates a balance between a natural lifestyle and the support of a real community, providing high-quality services and committing them to the people and their development.
    coworking venturada
    coworking shelter

    Whether you're teleworking, if you're a digital nomad or digital entrepreneur, and you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or small, uncomfortable space overlooking an inner courtyard, Madrid's Sierra Norte offers you unique spaces, unique infrastructures, crowd of rural accommodation to work on weekdays overlooking the most natural and rural destination of the Community of Madrid, and above all, a good internet connection, because fiber is installed in almost all of our small towns, and just an hour from the capital.

    And for the moments when you don't work... we propose you to enjoy the great gastronomy of the area, elaborated with local products in the many restaurants you'll find in our destiny. And if you're an adventurer or sportsman who needs to go out and play sports, walks the paths of the Carpetania roads network or discover the multiple activities, both sports and cultural that the Sierra Norte de Madrid puts at your disposal.

    If you want to know what possibilities exist for you, Digital Nomad or for you, you now telework and you want to do it surrounded by nature, Ask!

    Madrid's Sierra Norte welcomes responsible tourists.

    coworking shelter

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