• Footprintless hiking in Madrid's Sierra Norte

    hiking without a footprint

    Hiking is a simple activity, where sport and tourism meet, which does not come at a high cost in material and can be made at virtually any age. More than a sport, we would say that it is a healthy lifestyle and that it allows sustainable tourism, low-impact for the medium, but that's a big positive impact for the people who do it, a footprint that leaves the hiker's landscapes, peoples, the sound of nature, smells...

    When traveling by car or in any motorized environment, we are only aware of the beginning and destiny, but we don't value the way. The speed at which a car travels and the fact that it is encapsulated inside, doesn't let us hear, Smell, feel, nor see, we can't get an idea of the real distance, nor the beauty that the roads keep.

    When we walk, the landscape is the protagonist. The road gives us landscapes and sensations, and makes us aware of the space and real time that separate the places, which leads us to our original life rhythm. This change in pace allows us to observe, Talk, Think, Reflect... or not think and feel the present and the now.

    The Sierra Norte in Madrid offers hikers a space with incredible biodiversity and a wide variety of landscapes and tours. These itineraries can look at different topics such as historical, Heritage, of nature, Ethnographic... or we can choose them based on the distance or time we want to invest in them. Through the Sierra Norte website in Madrid you can choose between Great routes (routes that will take more than a day), Middle routes (ideal tours for a full day) o Local routes (Tours that will take us one morning or one afternoon).

    Don't leave a mark

    Hiking is an activity that takes place mostly in protected natural areas or places that for its high environmental or landscape value attract hikers and invite you to walk enjoying these places, it is also combined with heritage samples, ethnographic or historical... Regardless of where you go hiking, we have to take into account a number of basic recommendations, many of them common sense, but it's worth remembering so that our paths look natural, without elements that distort them:

    -Respect the environment and heritage elements, whether historical or ethnographic, such as dry stone walls or shepherds' majadas, bring great beauty to the landscape and are a sign of an art that is being lost.

    -Don't get out of the way and remember that you're surrounded by life, on many occasions of protected species, both flora and fauna. Accompany your exits from binoculars, ornithology and wildlife observation will enrich your outings and give you more value and meaning.

    -If you're accompanied by your dog, take it at a distance in which you can control it, and if you can't control it, tie it up. Remember you are in a place where there are livestock and wild animals.

    Keep a respectful attitude towards the local population. The paths you're going to walk on are the scene of many activities (forest, livestock, agricultural, Beekeeping...). Talk to them, you will know the lifestyle of the peoples and better understand their situation, this way we can bring people from the countryside and the city closer, we have a lot to un@s about otr@s.

    – The coexistence between hunters and hikers is essential, on the mountain there is room for tod@s. Pay attention to the warnings on the tour regarding the hunting season. Phone information about cinematic activities in hunting times: 91 277 81 01

    -Consume local product, nothing better for the walker than a piece of artisan cheese, a homemade cake or village bread! ummmmm

    -Take as many photos as you want, but don't cause harm to the flora, ripping or cutting flowers or branches. Be aware of the irreparable damage caused by fires and remember that it is forbidden to make fire at any time of the year.


    Get to know the Sierra Norte through its paths and trails, knows villages, Forests, Rangelands, cordals and summits and mix with the country, safely, complying with COVID standards. See you on the roads.

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