Sestil del Maillo Creek Trail and Mojonavalle Hillside

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Parking in the recreational area of Puerto de Canencia

    The route travels through landscapes such as the Mojonavalle Chorrera and the Abedular of Canencia. With a total of 7,6 km on a circular route with two branches that you shouldn't miss. Easy to do at any time of the year.


    Distance: 7,6 km (con ramales) / 4,5 km (sin ramales)

    Time: 2h 35 min (con ramales) / 1h 45 min (sin ramales)

    Positive slope: 338 m

    Difficulty: 2 / 5

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    The starting point of the trail is the recreational area of the port of Canencia, where you can park your vehicle and spend a nice day after walking the path.

    The first leg, until reaching the old El Hornillo environmental education centre, runs through a forest track flanked by a dense wild pine pine forest. Shortly before El Hornillo you can see on the right some misplaced trees. It is an introduced species, Douglas Fir. At the height of El Hornillo, you leave the forest track taking a trail to the right of it.

    Further ahead is the viewpoint of the Chorrera de Mojonavalle, place of singular beauty, dominated by the presence of a trembling poplar, that invites rest and contemplation. Here the road turns sharply to the right gently down the same hillside.

    When you get to the beacon 4, you can take two branches back and forth. On the left you pass by the centenary pines. The one on the right passes by holly and yews and at the end of it is accessed the abedular, plant training of great interest due to its scarcity in Madrid, for being typical of colder, wetter areas.

    After returning to the beacon 4, walker's footsteps should return to the North Viewpoint where the forest track is again.

    Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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