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    If you're a lover of good gastronomy, you show passion for lifestyle, products, pleasure for experimentation and repeating inherited dishes… Welcome to the serrano flavors of the Sierra Norte in Madrid.

    One of the best ways to get closer to the culture of a territory is through its gastronomy, that's why, in Sierra Norte, we invite you to enter into the kitchen where these kitchens prepare dishes with more tradition, presented in a modern and innovative way.

    The Sierra Norte knows everything you produce their lands and which made its people, being a real treat for the palate that decides to taste it.

    The flavors of the Sierra Norte is linked to our valleys, our mountains and our countryside, who offer us products of extraordinary quality, serving a cuisine based on the livestock and agricultural exploitation, in the seasonal products provided by the environment and in the Segovian and Northern Guadalajara influences, developing an original and autochthonous character.

    Sierra Norte Madrid ... He's here to eat it..


    To what are you waiting? We invite you to stroll through the most characteristic flavors, the most traditional recipes of our restaurants, bars and most renowned Inns, where you can enjoy true culinary wonders full of flavor, quality and tradition in a privileged environment.


    We have no doubt that the new section of gastronomy our website will also make you hungry... we have worked for months to improve the experience of the foodies that find in gastronomy the reason for their trip to the Sierra Norte of Madrid. If you browse it you will find:

    Restaurants where to taste the most Serrano flavor, gastronomic plans with which to experiment and learn from our gastronomy, Recipes with which to know the history of our territory and be able to discover through them the best preserved traditions from generation to generation thanks to the Commonwealth of Social Services and its project of recovery of traditions, local producers who will become the best allies in your kitchen and also all the information about the Madarcos Hospitality School and The Sierra Norte Gastronomic Association promoters of gastronomy in our destination.

    In this new section, you will also find articles about gastronomy in which to learn and know where and how to taste the Serrano flavors.

    Don't miss this new section on our website full of inspiration about mountain culture and traditions.

    the caperuza


    In the Sierra Norte de Madrid, through the Villa San Roque Tourism Innovation Center and powered by the D.G.. TOURISM of the Community of Madrid, were held during the months of October and November 2020, at the Madarcos School of Hospitality, professionalization courses of restaurant managers in which the local product of the territory was integrated in the creation of new recipes and dishes.

    During these formations, and thanks to the collaboration between local restaurants and producers, your creativity, the continued search for this linkage to the territory and the innovation of our Serrano cooks, it was created, a differentiating dish from madrid's Sierra Norte, the "Jerpillo Serrano" a delicious dessert with the seal of our land and our history.

    The recipe for this new creation has been provided to all the restaurants of the destination in order to integrate it gradually into their menus as a dessert linked to the territory, The Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    If you're asking what a "Jerpillo" is and because among the attendees of the formations this name was chosen for this dish, we tell you that the "Jerpillo" is the brand used by goat herders to identify them within their herds and in homage to them the dessert is based on the food they carried in their left-handers.

    One of the participating cooks and author of the dish, Francisco Durán, El Espolón Restaurant in Buitrago del Lozoya, defines the "Serrano Jerpillo" as well:

    This dessert is a tribute to our suffering Serrano shepherds who for generations have taken care of their livestock in our mountains.

    One of the moments when they enjoyed their work the most was lunchtime, because having, as it was, a number of indigenous products, like nuts, figs and bread, in addition to milk, with which they made their cheese, prepared the following:

    They started by heating two slices of bread in the embers and placed some cheese s lacquers on top of the bread to soften.

    Then, opened in half a fig that they placed on top of the cheese, and about him, a walnut, to reposition and end up closing this mount, with the other cheese lasca and slice of hot bread.

    Sometimes they also accompanied him with honey.

    That's why, wanted to pay homage to that delicious way of enjoying that our shepherds had at lunchtime in that simple, but delicious delicacy that will transport you to the taste of that place surrounded by nature in the Sierra Norte of Madrid.

    The restaurants that have currently integrated the "Jerpillo Serrano" into their menus are: El Espolón in Buitrago del Lozoya, and Posada La Fragua in Gandullas.

    Ask them how they do it and what local products like cheese or honey, use to create it and where you can buy them!

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