Hiking in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

Hiking is the most genuine form of union of sport, the culture and the natural environment, and the most complete way to get to know a rural or mountain region. In addition, it is a sport aimed at all audiences and is synonymous with walking to enjoy observing, to discover, know and appreciate the environment.

Then, we offer you a wide variety of routes that connect populations, cross natural spaces or lead to pastures, Mills, Wisdom teeth... a rich heritage, ethnographic and landscape-linked hiking. We encourage you to discover the Sierra Norte through the Carpetania roads network, where a road leads not to a place but to many, or through established itineraries, like the Genaro Trail, the GR303, the Natural Way of the Valley, local itineraries...

We encourage you to discover the Sierra Norte through its roads and trails, recover the traditional rhythm and enjoy the road and destination.

Finding routes


The network of roads Carpetania crosses the Sierra Norte de Madrid by connecting people and resources. It functions as a network of local roads, but for hiking, allowing you to go from any point to another through ancient paths. The network facilitates hikers to design their own routes depending on the time available, the level of difficulty, the resources that you want to visit or where you wish to stay overnight or eating...

Big routes

Hikes that travel distances greater than the 50 km, achievable in more than one day. They are ideal routes to get to know a region, a protected natural space, visit towns and stay overnight in en route accommodation or vivac. We can also divide them and perform one-day stages. Best for backpackers.

Medium routes

Routes with distances between 10 and the 50 km, although we also frame in this section routes of shorter distance, but with intermediate slopes (more than 350 m of unevenness +), or that run in difficult terrain that needs some experience or technique on the mountain. They are ideal tours to make a full day of walking, lunch en route and visiting specific areas of a protected area, a county, take circular tours linking several towns...

Local routes

Small routes, with maximum distances, for the most part, of 15 km. They are easy routes along paths and trails that do not stray much from the populations. Many of them correspond to a particular theme, Historical, Ethnographic, Religious, etc. This section includes the vast majority of routes included in the Local Networks of Carpetania. They're mostly family itineraries, for all audiences and are usually toured in a morning or afternoon.

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