Medium routes

Routes with distances between 10 and the 50 km, although we also frame in this section routes of shorter distance, but with intermediate slopes (more than 350 m of unevenness +), or that run in difficult terrain that needs some experience or technique on the mountain. They are ideal tours to make a full day of walking, lunch en route and visiting specific areas of a protected area, a county, take circular tours linking several towns...

La Sierra de la Cabrera

Home: La Cabrera
Distance: 13,9 km
Desnivel +: 596 m

Front of Somosierra

Home: Piñuecar or Gandullas
Distance: 7,4 km
Desnivel +: 142 m

Mondalindo by Silver Mine

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 12,6 km
Desnivel +: 680 m

Litero Cane Waterfall. Villavieja

Home: Villavieja del Lozoya
Distance: 6,6 km
Desnivel +: 358 m

Ascent to head Cancho

Home: Patones
Distance: 12,5 km
Desnivel +: 664 m

Lagoon of the birds of Peñalara

Home: PTO. cotos. Rascafría.
Distance: 5,4 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 442 m

La Chorrera de San Mamés

Home: San Mamés or Navarredonda
Distance: 12 km
Desnivel +: 389 m

Route of the Civil War. Water front.

Home: Walls of Buitrago
Distance: 10,6 km
Desnivel +: 259 m

Cañada Real Segovia

Home: Bustarviejo, The Cuadrón, Buitrago
Distance: 19,7 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 592 m

Path Hill Larda. Puebla de la Sierra

Home: Puebla de la Sierra
Distance: 9,1 km
Desnivel +: 391 m

Path Flank Steak

Home: Villavieja del Lozoya
Distance: 11,3 km
Desnivel +: 341 m

Ladera de Santuil

Home: Braojos de la Sierra
Distance: 14,3 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 525 m

Path of the port Linera

Home: Villavieja del Lozoya
Distance: 10,3 km
Desnivel +: 852 m

Route of the backrest. Lozoyuela.

Home: Lozoyuela
Distance: 20,7 km
Desnivel +: 443 m

Laguna Grande de Peñalara

Home: Pto de Cotos. Rascafría.
Distance: 2,8 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 212 m

Ascent to the port of Penaquemada

Home: Braojos de la Sierra
Distance: 21,7 km
Desnivel +: 750 m

Bustarviejo Valle Hermoso

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 14,3 km
Desnivel +: 360 m

On the side of the Jarama.

Home: PTO. Cardoso or La Hiruela
Distance: 13,1 km
Desnivel +: 410 m

Bank Route

Home: Valdemanco
Distance: 12,3 km
Desnivel +: 720 m

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