Local routes

Small routes, with maximum distances, for the most part, of 15 km. They are easy routes along paths and trails that do not stray much from the populations. Many of them correspond to a particular theme, Historical, Ethnographic, Religious, etc. This section includes the vast majority of routes included in the Local Networks of Carpetania. They're mostly family itineraries, for all audiences and are usually toured in a morning or afternoon.

Destacamento penal y viaducto

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 7,3 km
Desnivel +: 190 m

Route of the bull. Cabanillas de la Sierra.

Home: Cabanillas de la Sierra
Distance: 8,7 km
Desnivel +: 240 m

Minas de plata de Horcajuelo

Home: Horcajuelo de la Sierra
Distance: 6,5 km
Desnivel +: 282 m

Between pools and gardens

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 2,8 km
Desnivel +: 78 m

Sestil del Maillo Creek Trail and Mojonavalle Hillside

Home: Puerto Canencia
Distance: 7,6 km
Desnivel +: 338 m

Mill Road

Home: Cervera de Buitrago
Distance: 2,1 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 18 m

Camino de los descansaderos

Home: Walls of Buitrago
Distance: 5,8 km
Desnivel +: 128 m

Senda del Lino

Home: Villavieja del Lozoya
Distance: 6,3 km
Desnivel +: 122 m

The beautiful pastures of Somosierra

Home: Somosierra
Distance: 4,4 km
Desnivel +: 259 m

Robregordo Hollin

Home: Robregordo
Distance: 9,3 km
Desnivel +: 320 m

Path to El Villar Reservoir

Home: Robledillo de la Jara
Distance: 4 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 31 m

El tinao del águila

Home: El Atazar
Distance: 3,9 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 208 m

La dehesa boyal

Home: El Berrueco
Distance: 4,8 km
Desnivel +: 89 m

La Almenara

Home: El Berrueco
Distance: 3,7 km
Desnivel +: 81 m

Narrow streets of Vallehermoso

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 7,7 km
Desnivel +: 190 m

Through the black-winged stilt Brook trail

Home: Braojos de la Sierra
Distance: 4,4 km
Desnivel +: 119 m

La dehesa del Soto

Home: Cervera de Buitrago
Distance: 5,4 km
Desnivel +: 99 m

The cascade of purgatory. Rascafría.

Home: Pte. forgiveness. Rascafría
Distance: 11,8 km
Desnivel +: 264 m

Route of trades.

Home: Pinilla del Valle
Distance: 7 km
Desnivel +: 230 m

Ruta de El Picazuelo

Home: Cincovillas
Distance: 2,3 km
Desnivel +: 165 m

Al puente romano

Home: El Berrueco.
Distance: 2,3 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 37 m

Path of the meadows

Home: Cervera de Buitrago
Distance: 2,3 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 84 m

By the Boyal Dehesa de Montejo

Home: Montejo de la Sierra
Distance: 5,4 km
Desnivel +: 188 m

Return to El Cabezo

Home: Patones
Distance: 6,6 km
Desnivel +: 314 m

The Dehesa Boyal road

Home: Braojos
Distance: 9 km
Desnivel +: 316 m

Ruta al Santo Roto

Home: Robledillo de la Jara
Distance: 5,8 km
Desnivel +: 156 m

Camino de Valdehierro

Home: Robledillo de la Jara
Distance: 2,8 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 58 m

The Arab Watchtower

Home: El Berrueco
Distance: 3,7 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 171 m

Pisachón Path

Home: El Atazar
Distance: 4 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 78 m

From mill to mill. La Hiruela

Home: La Hiruela
Distance: 3,8 km
Desnivel +: 137 m

Vuelta a la Reguera

Home: Villavieja del Lozoya
Distance: 6,6 km
Desnivel +: 186 m

Redueña adapted path

Home: Redueña
Distance: 2,8 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 60 m

Ermita Ntra. Ms. de los Prados

Home: Garganta de los Montes
Distance: 5 km
Desnivel +: 130 m

Senda por los robles centenarios

Home: Puebla de la Sierra
Distance: 3 km
Desnivel +: 80 m

El molino de Paredes

Home: Walls of Buitrago
Distance: 3,1 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 99 m

Casasola Pine Forest

Home: Serrated source
Distance: 3,4 km
Desnivel +: 93 m

Ruta embalse de El Villar

Home: Mangiron
Distance: 5,4 km
Desnivel +: 145 m

Despoblado of Bellidas and belfry of Sto. Sunday

Home: Piñuécar
Distance: 7,8 km
Desnivel +: 130 m

Path of the pasture.

Home: El Atazar
Distance: 6,6 km
Desnivel +: 270 m

El Canal de Cabarrús

Home: Torremocha del Jarama
Distance: 14,1 km
Desnivel +: 179 m

By the Merinas of Canada. Pradena del Rincon

Home: Pradena del Rincon
Distance: 8,3 km
Desnivel +: 172 m

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