• Route through the Footprints of the Medieval in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    On this route, we propose you to know some of the medieval vestiges that are still preserved in the Sierra Norte of Madrid. As Jewish territory, Arabs and Christians, Al border Andalus Christian kingdoms during the "Reconquest" and, behind this, place of new Christians, our saw forms a rich set of footprints that these inhabitants were leaving in the territory. Find out with us...

    In these lines you're going to discover some of them.

    1. In the heart of the Jarama Valley we found our first stop: the Burgos Arch and the remnants of the Torrelaguna Wall. This village of beautiful and valuable architecture hides among its houses the remains of a medieval fortification that could be of Arab origin or the "Reconquista" and that you can admire walking through its streets. Among them is the arch of Burgos, one of the entrances to the walled part of the village. To learn more about the history of this Villa, we recommend a guided tour with your Tourist Office. Info and bookings: www.torrelaguna.es/turismo o 91 843 14 03 / 636 614 872.

    2. Going up the M-131 road we reached El Berrueco, where we will visit the Torrepedrera watchtower. This was part of a set of watchtowers, whose lookouts communicated with each other, and that were located along the Middle Mark, one of the borders between Arab territories and Christian kingdoms during the-Andalus. From the top of the tower, you'll be able to see stunning valleys and mountains, and El Atazar Reservoir. To get there, we recommend you to park in El Berrueco and walk along the road of La Atalaya Arab of the Local Network Carpetania of roads, leaving the Plaza de la Picota. It is a linear route of 3,8 one-way km.

    3. Bordering the Sierra de La Cabrera, that breaks the sky with its granite peaks, we continue along the same road and get to Sieteiglesias, where we park to visit his Necropolis. On a large granite rock and its surroundings, rest more than 80 tombs that have their origins in the High Middle Ages, and that could correspond to the first Christian repopulators in the region. Learn about the curiosities of the medieval funeral rituals of these lands on the guided tour of this unique cemetery. Pre-booking with Lozoyuela-Navas Tourist Office-Sieteiglesias; Monday through Saturday 10 to 14 h, and Sundays from 11 to 14 h.

    4. The Villa de Buitrago del Lozoya is another fundamental high in our way of the Medieval, in the heart of the Lozoya Valley. The wall and the castle are key points of the medieval history of this town, place of Arabs, Jews and Christians and such illustrious characters as the Marquis of Santillana and Joan of Castile "La Beltraneja". Surrounded almost entirely by the Lozoya River, its walled enclosure is the best preserved in the Community of Madrid. If you want to immerse yourself in the history of Buitrago, sign up for a guided or theatrical tour. Guided tours of the old town: Saturdays at 11.30 h. Dramatised visits: Saturdays at 12.30 h. Info and inquiries: www.buitrago.org/turismo.

    5. To finish, we get to the Church of Santo Domingo de Silos, in Prádena del Rincón. Visiting this place, you'll get a surprise because, in addition to being a religious temple whose origin dates back to the 12th century, inside was found a medieval necropolis, remnants of wall paintings and what appear to be the remains of a bell repair shop, plus other unexpected treasures. Today, all of this is restored and muselized, ready to reveal to you the history of its former inhabitants. Take advantage of this visit to get to know Prádena Rincón and its valuable natural environment, which is part of the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve. Guided tours with the Tourist Office: turismopradenadelrincon@gmail.com o 661 494 052.

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