After touring the Alto del Lozoya valley in our last blog entry , We immerse ourselves in the middle of this river stretch to suggest another route by car via the Sierra Norte de Madrid, and lovers of nature and history, enjoy all of our natural and cultural heritage.

    During these days of spring, the landscapes of the Middle Lozoya Valley are especially beautiful. The proposed route, It runs between the reservoirs of Riosequillo and old bridge, the place where the fortification of the beautiful village of Buitrago del Lozoya settled.

    The route would begin in the environment of Somosierra to walk by the Dehesa Bonita, a dehesa boyal which keeps one of the botanical relics, considered as one of the forests more beautiful Madrid. In it we can find species such as: Holly, Robles, Cherry trees, Hazel, Serval and, especially Birch, make this a spectacular place. The route carried out on different paths and forest trails without great difficulty. The estimated time for this route is a 2 hours approximately.

    If we take the car, in 25 minute we find in Braojos de la Sierra where is the San Vicente Mártir Church, known as the "Cathedral of la Sierra Norte", having 400 years of history and is the temple where dance Pastorale, an offering in the form of dance performed by men dressed in traditional costumes. His style is Renaissance classic and has one of the region's rich interiors.

    We will continue the journey with a visit to the Hermitage of the Buen Suceso, that was declared a historic artistic monument in 1981.

    The last stop of this route by car via the Sierra Norte de Madrid will be in the village of Villavieja del Lozoya, where will we make a very special journey that shows us the most characteristic elements of the ethnographic and cultural heritage which owns this town. Thanks to the way of life of its inhabitants, numerous buildings belonging to different historical periods have been preserved.

    An example of this, You can be the Mudéjar Arch of the 13th and 14th Centuries s, located inside the Hospedería del Arco or the traditional houses of the area, built in stone.

    If the visit takes place during the weekend, We can know the forge, old blacksmith, converted into a small ethnographic museum. Check our schedules in the following link.

    And if you want to stay 1 more day...

    Another activity that you cannot miss is travel by the path of the front the Guerra Civil in Piñuecar.

    And of course... the town of Buitrago de Lozoya, mentioned at the beginning and whose fortress is the most unique and best preserved of the community of Madrid fortified. No you can go without visiting it!!

    Discover our accommodation and restaurants to make your weekend round in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

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