• Juana de Trastámara Route, "The Beltraneja", the forgotten queen of the crown of Castile

    Joan of Trastámara, Princess and Queen of Castile, The Beltraneja... These are some of the names they gave Joan, daughter of Henry IV and Joan of Portugal. He was born in Madrid 1462 and, since then, some considered it the result of a relationship between the queen and the king's valid, Beltran of the Cave. Being just a child, was the subject of rumors, Guarded, Married, Heiress, Queen, Widow... We propose a route full of history and palatial intrigues through the Lozoya Valley, to know a part of Joan's life.

    Discover the remnants of the battles

    1. Riding the A-1, we enter the Sierra Norte de Madrid and head to our first stop on the way, the Buitrago del Lozoya Castle. Henry IV decided to send Juana to be guarded in this fortress by the noble family of the Mendozas, who had the castle built as we know it today. This place, Later, would serve as a refuge for Joan during the war of the Castilian succession (1475-1479) against her aunt Isabel the Catholic, because the noble Casa de los Mendoza, was among its allies. We invite you to tour the surroundings of this monument, its magnificent wall and the streets of this magical medieval villa, where you can step on the footprints of our princess and queen of Castile. Guided tours of the old town: Saturdays at 11.30 h. Dramatised visits: Saturdays at 12.30 h. Info and inquiries: www.buitrago.org/turismo.

    2. The next destination that would mark Joan's life is the Hermitage of Santiago, in the Upper Lozoya Valley. This is where, in 1470, Joan married, by powers, with the Duke of Guyena of France. And where Henry IV broke the pact of the Bulls of Guisando, appointing Joan Princess Heir to the throne, replacing Isabel La Católica. To get there, we park in Choker of Lozoya and we go taking a nice walk along the Cemetery Way, from where, after a couple of miles, we will see the meadow in which our hermitage is located. Before proceeding with the route, Take to the streets of Gargantilla del Lozoya and pay attention to their names, reminiscent of characters from Joan's life and our story.

    On your journey from Buitrago to the wedding, it is said that Joan's iative might have passed through the villages of Villavieja del Lozoya, San Mamés and Pinilla de Buitrago. Take advantage of your tour to visit the relics that hide among their houses, nestled in a privileged natural environment: Lozoya Valley. Don't miss the laundry room and the museum forge of Villavieja del Lozoya, workplaces and meeting neighbors until not long ago; and we encourage you to enter the Arch Hostel, that guards the beautiful Mudéjar Arch of the XIII-XIV centuries, only in the Sierra Norte de Madrid. In the pretty village of San Mamés, population founded in the 11th century, we find another historical gem: your church, where the coronation of Joan I of Castile took place ("The Mad One") in 1504. And in Pinilla de Buitrago, you can see the path that Joan could have traveled to the Hermitage of Santiago by the Cañada de Santiago.

    3. After the wedding, the French and Castilian contourage were riding up to the Royal Monastery of Our Lady of St. Mary of El Paular, where the French stayed before the union and where they would celebrate the effectiveness of marriage with a banquet. To this architectural gem that rises in an incomparable natural setting, we can get through the A-1, A 2 km after crossing the village of Rascafría. Its majestic major cloister, besides being an ode to architectural beauty, Hosts 52 italian master Vicente Carducho's canvases. Visits from Monday to Sunday at different times. Consultation and booking at: www.monasteriopaular.com o 918 691 958.

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