• Archaeology Lovers' Route

    There have been few past communities that have found their place in the Sierra Norte of Madrid. With this tour, you'll find out, through the archaeological remains, the footprints that left some of them in our mountains so that today we can know them. If you're a lover of archaeology... this is your route!

    If you're a lover of archaeology... this is your route!

    1. We start by visiting Madrid's first dam, the Pontoon of the olive, to 5 km northeast of Patones de Abajo. ES a silent giant that shows us the beginnings of industrial architecture in our country and is a place of geology and spectacular nature. We recommend you to discover its history with the exciting guided tours offered by the Patones Tourist Office. Consultations, contact and pre-booking: 918 432 906 / 918 432 026, turismo@patones.net and www.turismo.patones.net.

    To discover it for free, you can leave the car in the parking lot of the Pontón de la Oliva on the M-134 and walk behind a few 5 minutes. Along the way, you'll find the remains of the Hermitage of the Virgin of Olive, who also deserves a stop.

    2. We continue north on the road M-134 and we parked in the Km 2 to visit the Joint archaeological of the Dehesa de la Oliva. From the Upper Paleolithic, when women and cavemen used the caves in the area, its history continues until the Iron Age with the presence of a castro and allows us to travel back in time to Roman times and end in the 6th century Dc in an ancient Visigoth necropolis. To move to its millennial past, the Patones Tourism Office also organizes guided tours here.

    3. Some 20 km north of Patones, our next stop is the singular Necropolis of Sieteiglesias, a "funerary museum" in the heart of the Lozoya Valley, What could correspond to the burial of Christian repopulators who came to the region in the Late Middle Ages. This enclave can only be visited with a guide: Monday to Saturday 10 to 14 and Sundays from 11 to 14 h. Inquiries and reservations: 91 869 41 29 / 88 07 / 671 545 951 o turismo@lozoyuela.com.

    4. Continuing the ancestral funeral rites, we moved to the rugged Sierra de La Cabrera to discover the call Tomb of the Moor. Hidden in a holm oak grove, we discovered this curious set of tombs, who could be of Visigothic origin. To visit, there's the possibility of leaving the car on the road, near its location, between the km 2 and 3 of the M-610, that runs between La Cabrera and Valdemanco.

    5. As a culminate in our route, we're heading for the Valley of the Neanderthals, in Pinilla del Valle, where several sites have been found and anthropological remains of Neanderthals have been identified. We invite you to discover the footprints of our distant relatives and how they lived through a guided tour by the local archaeologists themselves, with stunning views of the Lozoya Valley. You can only visit it in a guided way in hours: Tuesday to Saturday at 10.30, 12.30, 15.45; Sundays and public holidays 10.30, 12.30. Information and reservations: www.elvalledelosneandertales.com.

    Now that you've been stung by the worm of mountain archaeology, you can't stay here. Since in the Sierra Norte of Madrid there are many other places where you can relive the history of its former settlers. Among them, the Church of Santo Domingo de Silos, in Prádena del Rincón, whose interior was a box of surprises for archaeologists, for finding several unexpected treasures. You can visit it as part of the Route of the Monumental Temples of the Sierra Norte of Madrid, in this same brochure.

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