Path Hill Larda. Puebla de la Sierra.

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Puebla de la Sierra

    Very complete mid-level route due to the initial elevation. Itinerary with a landscape and varied content; traditional architecture, century-old oaks, old majadas, landscapes from Larda Hill…a perfect excursion to enjoy it leisurely.


    Distance: 9,1 km

    Time: 3h 20 min

    Positive slope: 391 m

    Difficulty: 3 / 5

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    This route runs along the old road to Robledillo, until you reach the Cerro Larda, running through the Valley of Puebla, which offers beautiful views at any time of the year. We can start this route in the municipality of "Puebla de la Sierra" from the information murete, either, in the recreational area along the river, located at the exit of the people with a signposted parking area.

    During the beginning of the route, We will pass by the Ermita de la Soledad and the old source, on a path that will lead us to the orchards and we will go down to the river, where it is worth standing and stroll along its banks.

    Once crossed the river by a bridge, the route will continue along a path until you reach a crossroads, in which, It will pick up the path on the left. Continuing along the slope, We will see a few tinados (buildings of local stone and slate) they are used for livestock. Then, We will arrive at the Brook of Hermosillos, where you can still see, over the path the pools to boil flax produced in the village.

    Later, you will find a cross in which, picking the right way, We will arrive to the Collado Larda. Once there, We climb the mountain and you can see the District of the Ciquiruela, formed by a group of tinados that were used in the seasonal migration of livestock within the municipality.

    We will pass by the "Prairie de la Longanuela", and after she, the Atalaya penalty will be, you have to climb for its rocks.

    At the end of the route, We will continue on a path that will lead to the river of La Puebla.

    At last, We will go through a few tinados, the same as we saw from the Collado Larda, used to save sheep. After which we will continue along a road in the direction of the village, giving end this adventure.

    Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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