• Route through the "Yesterday's lifestyles"

    The identity of the Sierra North Madrid today it is created from its nature and its history, but above all for its people and their way of building life in these beautiful mountain villages. We invite you to delve into them through this route to learn about yesterday's Serrano trades, which were the pillars of rural life before.

    In these lines you're going to discover some of them.

    1. Our first stop is on the northeastern edge of the Sierra Norte de Madrid and has been a candidate village for rural tourism in Spain in 2019...La Hiruela! As in all the villages of the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra del Rincón, you work to value your traditions and keep them alive. The Carbonera and the exceptional Traditional Colmenar are evidence of this that they don't go unnoticed. In addition, at La Hiruela you'll find the only Flour windmill of the Community of Madrid that currently grinds the old-fashioned way. Information about free route to know these places and guided tour in: 690 865 132 o www.turismolahiruela.es. The guided tour includes the Ethnological Museum of the people.


    2. To continue the traditions of the Sierra del Rincón, we're going up Horcajuelo de la Sierra, a picturesque town where you don't want to stop walking and feel the real village life. Here, we visited his Ethnological Museum and its Forge that show us the way of living before and the importance of the blacksmith's figure in the village. Visit: guided and jointly to both places. Approximate duration of 1 time. Check schedules with the City Council of Horcajuelo de la Sierra (vary by season).

    3. We continue to relive traditions and venture into the Middle Lozoya Valley to stop in the small towns of Gandullas and Piñuécar, of the same municipality. In the first, we'll find the Stone of the Times. Located in front of the Church of Our Lady of Peace, is a symbol of the great agricultural and livestock tradition of the area, because with it was calculated the time of water use of the Piñuécar Water by each neighbor to irrigate their lands. What would you never have imagined like that its traditional use?

    4. The Piñuécar's Reguera was a natural channel conditioned to collect water from streams and springs and take it to nearby towns. Today you can see a preserved part of this ancestral invention in Pinuécar, located at the junction between Calle Real and Calle de Vellidas, and going down a little walk between two houses to the northeast. It still "prays" for the neighbors and celebrates this tradition of the not-so-distant past. If you can't find it for yourself, ask any neighbor and will be happy to help you.

    5. Going south on the A-1, we arrived in the village of Villavieja del Lozoya, where his Laundry. Built in the 20th century, inside, the washing stations where the laundry was done in the cold mountain waters and that were the meeting point of the women in the area are preserved intact. Visiting hours: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 12 to 14 h, by reservation, through The City Council. In addition, Villavieja features a live Emotional Map, a visit to the village where older neighbors tell you their experiences in the emotionally key places for them. You can also see the only Mudejar arch discovered and preserved from the Sierra Norte in Madrid. For a guided tour and the Live Emotional Map, consult the City Council.

    Now that you know how much affection the inhabitants of our mountain range put into keeping their traditions alive, Keep reviving them! Because there are so many more places waiting for you to do it, like wine cookers from Torremocha de Jarama or the curious Traditional Games Museum, Serrated source.

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