• Low Valley of the Lozoya

    Robledillo de la Jara

    Robledillo de la Jara is located in the northern part of the Sierra Norte. Its territory is crossed North-South by a mountain barrier that oscillates between the 1300 and the 1000 m. altitude. This barrier divides the term in two aspects: an Eastern pouring its waters in the basin of the river Riata, tributary of the Lozoya, and other Western, downhill on the own Lozoya River which is regulated in this area by the El Atazar and El Villar dams.

    Some small orchards are grown in their immediate environment, surrounded by a landscape of low mountain, rockrose and broom above all, with some young pine forests in the area of reforestation while in the valleys boxed where down the rivers, are the native oak groves mixed with Strawberry, Oaks or Oaks isolated.

    It is intuited that its origin was given during the reconquest by King Alfonso VI of Castile. Robledillo was attached to the Jara Quarter, together with Cervera, Berzosa, Sawed and Paredes, who belonged to Guadalajara until 1833, when they went on to manage the province of Madrid. Between 1847 and 1928, The Atazar was annexed to this municipality and, in 1977 merged into a single municipality Robledillo with Berzosa and La Puebla, but they ultimately didn't come to an agreement.

    The urban structure of Robledillo de la Jara departs from the common model of the livestock villages of the area. Livestock plots that house both homes and auxiliary agricultural constructions appear only on the periphery. The Center is comprised of small plots, exclusively residential, which seems to indicate the existence of other forms of economic activity, probably the exploitation of forests and charcoal.

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    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.042 m

    Nº people: 95 (data INE 2020)


    Center for Mycological Interpretation
    Museum Tavern

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