• Secret corners to fall in love with madrid's Sierra Norte

    There are many types of couples with different interests and associations. There are Active, with an essential interest cultural, those that have a goal sporty, those who are moved by the Gastronomy or those looking for the Relax,... and everyone enjoys their relationship and the environment in their own way. There are countless secret corners in madrid's Sierra Norte within its vast heritage, both natural and human and architectural where each couple can discover, at his own pace and at his own secret corner. To encourage you to find it we offer you some suggestions...

    Love who you love, come and discover your secret corner to the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    In the Lozoya Valley, near the municipality of Rascaría is the Finnish Forest, a lovely place, ideal for walking as a couple and momentarily escaping the routine. To access it, once we crossed Rascafría towards the Monastery of Santa Maria de El Paular. With the Monastery behind us we cross the Lozoya River through the Bridge of Forgiveness and taking a path that goes left flanked by fir trees, birch and poplars we will reach the lake that, surrounded by thick vegetation and next to the pier and the wooden cottage, will transport you to a Nordic landscape. The pier is the ideal place to sit, relax and disconnect after the walk. Without a doubt, the Finnish Forest is a corner to fall in love with madrid's Sierra Norte.

    Not far from there can we continue to walk to the Purgatory Waterfalls, are two waterfalls from the Aguilón River. The viewpoint of the first waterfall is accessed by a comfortable path of about two kilometers. To get to the second waterfall, access is already more complicated and is recommended for more advanced hikers and who go with appropriate footwear.

    secret corners waterfall of purgatory

    After strolling through the woods or enjoying the waterfalls, we have several options if we want to do another activity such as horseback riding, paddle at Pinilla Reservoir, or go to any of the great restaurants found in the Upper Lozoya Valley.

    Another idyllic point is undoubtedly the Sierra del Rincón, with a different landscape than the Lozoya Valley offered us and where we found a set of charming villages, among them Puebla de la Sierra, the most isolated, accessed via a narrow and winding road with sections at an altitude of 1,600m. This is where the Valley of Dreams, an open-air museum consisting of 31 works by contemporary artists of different nationalities. Come with your partner and discover together this unique proposal and pose for posterity in the chair in which you will have the world at your feet, and a lot of life ahead.

    In the Sierra del Rincón the rest of the villages are also worth a visit to get to know their corners, its heritage, their people and of the way they don't, its restaurants and accommodations.

    If you want to enjoy a postcard sunset you can approach the viewpoint of the Presa de El Atazar, where you can see the sun set behind the Sierra mountains as it reflects off the waters of the reservoir. The M-134 road goes up from pontoon de la Oliva to the dam.

    Here are just a few suggestions, ideally you will come and find your own secret corner while discovering and falling in love in and of the Sierra Norte of Madrid.

    secret corners toarceder

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