• Meetings in Nature in the Sierra Norte of Madrid

    Meetings are part of anyone's corporate life, and having meetings in the office isn't always all we'd like for interruptions, calls, etc. The suitability of breaking the routine is sometimes necessary to increase stakeholder productivity, improve the communication of project team members and / or move a project that is in stand-by, and holding meetings in nature helps us achieve those goals.

    Holding training courses and off-site meetings allows for increased opportunities to establish contacts and socialize with employees through formal and informal activities. When employees leave their office comfort zone, this interaction is not only encouraged, but is accentuated.

    Organize management meetings, training sessions or other events in an external location, different from everyday offices, has many advantages for companies, and even more so if they are made in spaces surrounded by nature. The Sierra Norte de Madrid has the necessary facilities for companies to, freelancers and teleworkers carry them out.

    Nature sneaks into the interior of companies

    Here are the main reasons why companies leave their homes for their training sessions or management meetings, departments, product presentation...

    Higher concentration.

    Employees are more likely to focus more on the issues to be addressed if they are away from their traditional work environment. When an employee is not in the office, you are less likely to be tempted by typical work distractions throughout the day, how to check email or answer the phone. When a meeting or training session is held off-site, the chance of employees "escaping" to finish tasks at their desks decreases considerably.

    Improved experience.

    Training sessions or out-of-office meetings tend to be more and better remembered as they depart from the norm. Unusual environments will allow the training session to be etched into the minds of participants and make learning a new initiative more exciting. Creating employee environments with enhanced experiences will help attendee retention and satisfaction, and will be perceived as an investment in employees and their careers. If they are added complementary activities, the imronta will be greater.

    Relationship building.

    Holding meetings, corporate events and off-site training courses increase opportunities for networking and socializing among employees through both formal and informal activities, as well as about a good table. When employees move away from their comfort zone or the daily routine of their office, this interaction is not only encouraged, but it accentuates and perceives a better image of the company among the attendees.

    Greater privacy.

    Some training sessions or management meetings can address sensitive issues within the office, and it's good to have those conversations in a place outside the office itself. This will ensure greater and better privacy.

    meeting in office
    meetings in nature

    The different spaces for events and business meetings that we have in the Sierra Norte of Madrid have the capacity to comfortably host from 10 up to 150 persons in the various arrangements in which the rooms may be set up: to suit a classroom, a boardroom, a theater, a U-shape, etc.

    These workspaces provide the technology, the tools and resources companies need to function effectively and successfully when they hold an off-site meeting and have the services they need to foster collaboration and promote forward-looking innovation that enables businesses to thrive.

    In the Sierra Norte de Madrid your goals come true, come to have it all: business, leisure and nature.

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