• La Hiruela

    Restaurant Casa Aldaba

    La Hiruela is one of the most charming of the community of Madrid. In this medieval wonder, some excellent lodgings inside an old house restored and rehabilitated following the guidelines of traditional architecture with the addition of having an excellent restaurant are located, CASA ALDABA, where you can enjoy a delicious cuisine with traditional flavour, but with its own personality.

    The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the House, with separate entrance.

    An incentive for your kitchen is the use of local products. You can enjoy of Highland beans in its different varieties, the products of the orchards, its fruit, hunting, the seasonal mushrooms, the beef and the kid. The pastry comes out daily from our oven.

    Is open for lunch on weekends and public holidays. And your kitchen serves meals during hours of 14:00 up to the 16:30. On the terrace you can take a coffee or a beer before the meal after. In your bar, in the morning you can get to know their winery and an aperitif.

    Outside of these hours, ask the celebration, your wedding or intimate meeting.

    We specialize in small events.

    Contact information

    C / pylon, 51. 28191 La Hiruela (Madrid)

    629 626 224 / 91 869 74 03

    Squares: 32 squares

    Precio medio: 25/30€ per person

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