Recomendaciones y normas ciclismo

1- Always use the helmet.

2- Before you start check the status of your bike, see the weather information and prepares your route.

3- It carries water, a repair kit and well charged mobile phone.

4- Although there are routes that are marked, It is recommended to carry a topographic map.

5- It communicates in the reception centre, in the information office, or to a friend or family member who routes you're going to make.

6- Remember that hikers have priority, If necessary you will have to get off bike to facilitate your transition.

7- Be visible, especially on the road.

8- It respects the environment, do not leave packaging of bars or any type of waste.

9- The roads that you are going to move are the scene of many activities (forest, livestock, agricultural...). Keep a respectful attitude towards the local population.

10- Enjoy the nature, without noise, keep in mind you're going to go places inhabited by protected animals.

11- NO camping or fires except in areas allowed and marked for this purpose.



  • Death, or concern to animals, as well as the disruption of the spaces of recovery, breeding, wintering, rest and passage of the animal species.
  • Modification of hollows and water areas against the possibility of the presence of Lepidoptera, bats, Amphibians and reptiles protected.
  • The boot, collection, cutting and desraizamiento of plant species, as well as cutting branches and flowers collection, fruits and seeds. Better to take a photo.


Sierra North of Madrid will not be responsible for the misuse of the pathways through which passes the network, Neither of the imprudence committed by users.

Emergency phone: 112

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