Sierra Norte de Madrid, Está para comérsela
We invite you to walk through the most characteristic mountain flavors with the following recipes

The recipes of the Sierra Norte of Madrid, have their own gastronomic identity because of their geographical location and the need to adapt gastronomy and local products to a mountain orography, influenced by its historical links with Segovia and Guadalajara, you make it original and autochthonous character.

Find in our recipes true authentic flavors and let your palate be surprised with the most delicious recipes.


This dessert is a tribute to our suffering Serrano shepherds who for generations have taken care of their livestock in our mountains.

One of the moments when they enjoyed their work the most was lunchtime, because having, as it was, a number of indigenous products, like nuts, figs and bread, in addition to milk, with which they made their cheese, prepared the following:

They started by heating two slices of bread in the embers and placed some cheese s lacquers on top of the bread to soften.

Then, opened in half a fig that they placed on top of the cheese, and about him, a walnut, to again place and finish closing this mounted, with the other cheese lasca and slice of hot bread.

Sometimes they also accompanied him with honey.

That's why, we wanted to pay tribute to that delicious way of enjoying that our shepherds had at lunchtime in this wonderful dish that will transport you to the taste of that place surrounded by nature in the Sierra Norte of Madrid.

Dish created thanks to the support of the General Directorate of Tourism of the Community of Madrid in the training for hospitality professionals carried out at the School of Hospitality of Madarcos.

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