Raquetas de nieve en pareja

    The meeting point is located in the Port of Cotos. Here we will distribute the technical material (rackets and canes) and after a few brief notions of how to adjust it and how to use it we will take our route.

    Depending on the weather conditions, we will use to reach the Laguna de Peñalara the way of the drain, with views towards the Lozoya Valley and the swamp of the same name or the path of the refuge. Along the way we will make several stops to explain the morphology of the Peñalara mountain and admire the footprints left by the Glacier. A first part of pine forest allows us to know also the flora of a high mountain ecosystem and if we are lucky, fauna too.

    On the way back we can have fun with the rackets on the slopes that go towards Valsain.

    70 € per person.

    A day of activity, a hotel night.

    Under – Beginner.

    Winter. Saturdays and Sundays.

    The activity takes place in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. Peñalara Lagoon.
    Accommodation in an Ecocamping located in Gargantilla del Lozoya.

    Group of friends, companies, couples.

    Mountain Guide, Technical material needed (rackets and canes), Accident insurance and RC. A night in a cabin in

    The group is made up of a minimum of 6 Participants.
    The ratio will always be 1 Guide /14 Participants.
    Failure to reach the minimum group would cancel the activity, alerting people who have booked it 3 days


    Amadablam Adventure

    620 17 11 87 / 91 002 08 14

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