• Torremocha de Jarama

    Cheese Jaramera

    Cheese Jaramera arises from the need to provide the local population with high-quality dairy products, handmade, and innovative organoleptic properties, on the basis of the self-confidence of the consumption of proximity. The main pillars on which our project rests are the value of the primary sector and artisanal food industry implementation, defending decent work and environmental sustainability.

    We make all our cheeses from milk pasteurized sheep grazing, vegetable rennet, sea salt unrefined in handcrafted. Natural bark tuning allows the crusts of all our cheeses to be edible, In addition, all our packaging is biodegradable or recycled: We do not use plastics.


    Trip to the bowels of cheese Jaramera: look and savor

    Visit our obrador, located in Torremocha de Jarama. You will learn how and where to make our cheese, and you will end up testing all our creations by a guided tasting. Surprising sensory experience. Duration: 2 hours.


    Other services:

    • Guided tastings, theatrical tours for groups.
    • Brunch of cheeses for groups and companies.
    • Tables of artisan cheeses for weddings and events.
    Contact information

    C / torrearte N2 ship 10, Torremocha de Jarama

    644 732 161



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