• What to do in the Sierra Norte de Madrid in the New Normal?

    The day 21 June, the new normal started and with it we can enjoy a lot more! The Sierra Norte de Madrid offers you natural and rural spaces full of flora and fauna, delicious dishes prepared especially for you , dreamy rural accommodation, unforgettable activities, new flavors and much more surrounded by pure air and great sense of freedom.

    To what are you waiting? Need more reasons to visit Madrid's Sierra Norte?

    If you want to know everything you can do in the Sierra Norte in Madrid in the new normal read on

    Natural Tourism, Activities and Sport

    Come and tour magical forests and secret places where you'll want to get lost to meet again. Don't forget that La Sierra Norte de Madrid is the most natural and rural area of the Community and that is why We welcome responsible tourists!

    Now that travel throughout Spain is allowed, we remind you that We are ready to welcome you! And we invite you if you don't know us yet or if you had pending that visit to the Sierra Norte de Madrid to come and stay to enjoy the destination.

    Enter and discover all the planes and experiences you can do in the territory.

    Charming accommodations

    Charming, welcoming and magical accommodation await you in La Sierra Norte in Madrid where you can feel at home, rest like never before and enjoy the scenery from the window making you feel unique in the immense nature that surrounds us.

    In this new normal choose quality, Warmth, live an unforgettable experience in the rural accommodation of the Sierra Norte in Madrid.


    If you're looking to enjoy great flavors, new experiences from the stomach and live the customs of our territory through magnificent recipes... prepare spoon, knife and fork and let yourself be surprised by the cooks of fate.

    Come and discover all that the restaurants territory.

    Remember to book in one of them and let your palate taste the best Serrano flavors accompanied by family and friends...

    In the new normal, choose Sierra Norte de Madrid

    Madarcos smokehouse

    Local products

    It's time to help those who haven't stopped helping us. Consumption of local products is the answer. And in the Sierra Norte of Madrid there are many who have not rested to offer us the best quality and the best flavors on our table.

    Enters here and discover the products that from now on will be indispensable for you.

    Shopping in Madrid's La Sierra Norte

    Nor should we forget about shops, that relentlessly, offer through their authentic products the culture and tradition of the Sierra Norte in Madrid in a careful and safe way.

    On your visit, Get to know them and discover each product.

    Cultural Tourism / Tourist offices / Hayedo de Montejo / Center for Environmental Education and Other Visitor Centers

    Now, you will be able to visit numerous tourist offices and approach our culture through them, museums and visits to cultural facilities that are prepared to welcome you.

    You can also prepare your summer holidays through our Website Sierra Norte Madrid, download the brochures PDF destination and plan everything you need with the help of local informants.

    Walks in the territory

    From now on you will be able to travel all the territory without limit of times a day and always remembering the safety rules. That's why we propose different hiking trails, biked and guided.

    In this new normal, we want to keep thanking you for the way you've taken care of our territory on all your visits, demonstrating the responsible tourist that you carry inside and that the Sierra Norte and its nature must be protected.


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