• Low Valley of the Lozoya

    Old bridges

    Puentes Viejas tiene su origen con el Decreto Ley del 24 July 1975, where the peoples of Mangirón are integrated, Cinco Villas, Walls of Buitrago and Serrada de la Fuente. The municipal headquarters was established in Mangirón. The main feature of the town is the large expanse of dams in its territory: Old bridges, Del Villar and the Atazar, all of them are built in the Lozoya River.

    The dominant vegetation is very varied and typical of mountain areas. In plain areas grasslands are mixed with rockrose shrubs and oak.

    Its name is due to the Old Bridges Reservoir, so called because in the past there were two pontoons to cross from one shore to another. In the old way this territory was divided into Sexmos or Quarters that depended on Guadalajara: Horcajo, El Rincón, Braojos, Throat (where Mangirón was included), Las Adegañas (where Five Villas was located) and La Jara (where were Paredes and Serrada). But in 1833 all of them became part of the province of Madrid. Although its main economic engine then was grazing and coal, currently the population is engaged in construction, cattle, Isabel II Canal and the services sector.

    Many are the architectural elements that can be highlighted in all the cores of Old Bridges: residenciales-agropecuarios complexes of traditional architecture, The hamlet of Santillana, The Mirabel Tower, The Church parish of the immaculate conception of walls of Buitrago, The Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol in Mangirón, The Old Bridge Dam, The darker, etc.

    ¡Descubre con Sierra Norte de Madrid the peoples of Madrid!

    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.012 m

    Nº people: 699 (data INE 2020)


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