• Low Valley of the Lozoya

    Old bridges

    The municipality of Puentes Viejas understands the terms of Manjiron, Cincovillas, Walls of Buitrago and Serrada de la Fuente. The municipal seat was established in Manjiron. The main feature of the town is the large expanse of dams in its territory: Old bridges, Del Villar and the Atazar, all of them are built in the Lozoya River. The dominant vegetation is very varied and typical of mountain areas. In plain areas grasslands are mixed with rockrose shrubs and oak. Many are architectural elements that can be highlighted in all the nuclei of old bridges: residenciales-agropecuarios complexes of traditional architecture, The hamlet of Santillana, The Mirabel Tower, The Church parish of the immaculate conception of walls of Buitrago, -Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol, Manjiron, Puentes Viejas and El Tenebroso dam, etc.

    MANGIRON. The term comes from the Arabic (majairon) that most likely refer to a steep cliff of little more than 1.000 meters on which the population Center is located. Also have to indicate that some chronic relationship in term with good waters, the quality of the water of the well known with the name of old source.

    WALLS OF BUITRAGO. The village of walls of Buitrago and general all its municipal highlighted always by its strategic location. For this reason it was important during the Civil war and have been left in the landscape numerous remains of bunkers, bunkers or pillboxes, as well as remains of trenches and diverse holdings in fairly good condition. Walls of Buitrago we also highlight its traditional architecture and old bridge dam.

    CINCO VILLAS. We know little of its remote origin although the Chronicles that existed five villas, huts or cabins of pastors that joining resulted in essence the core of current population.

    SAW SUPPLY. According to various sources, his name could be related with (Sierra), alluding to the location of the first houses in the village, in a Gorge in the mountains of the dead woman, surrounded by mountains and streams.

    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.012 m

    Nº people: 645

    91 868 02 67

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