• Sierra del Rincón

    Puebla de la Sierra

    The municipality of Puebla de la Sierra is nestled in a valley that is boxed along the Puebla River within the Sierra del Rincón, listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. The landscape is dominated by forests with large tracts of pine forests and large areas of native oak, composing the scrubland of jarales, Lavender, Heath, Holm oak and Turkey oak. Zoological wealth is considerable, with roe deer, wild boars, foxes, pigeons, Red Partridge and other valuable hunting species, the entirety of the term being integrated into national Sonsaz hunting reserve.

    Los orígenes de Puebla de la Sierra comienzan en el siglo XII cuando, for defensive reasons, several settlements were built in the Buitrago area. After the Reconquest it was repopulated by erecting in it dark stone buildings topped with wooden details of which remain some.

    The population was called Puebla of the dead woman until the 1940s when it changed to its current name at the express wish of the civil Governor of the province, D. Carlos Ruiz. The original name referred to the hills at the foot of the village sits and whose silhouette is reminiscent of a reclining woman.

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    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.161 m

    Nº people: 73 (data INE 2020)


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