• FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN. Plans in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    Birding at family

    Birds are everywhere even though we often don't repair in them. Populate towns and cities, Crops, Forests, Grasslands, Mountain rocking... We propose it is simple walks for the whole family, touring the best places in the Lozoya Valley and
    The Sierra del Rincón, to start bird watching, learning what are the most common species in our fields and the tricks that allow us to identify them. And as we search for the birds around us, from the little robins to the big raptors, we will go down old roads and small sidewalks to learn the secrets of the most valuable Serrano ecosystems, its flora, their fauna and the human uses they have shaped.

    12€ per person (according to participants)

    Precio: Groups up to 5 people, 15 Per person and 12 Minors 10 years. More than 5 people 12 Per person and 10 Minors 10 years.

    Meeting point: Variable, Depending on the programmed route (Guadarrama National Park, The Lozoya valley, Sierra del Rincón, Patones…).

    Dates: Throughout the year.

    Duration: From 2-3 hours.

    It includes: Guides, insurance and optical material.

    Do not forget to:Comfortable clothing and footwear, waterproof and/or coat (according to the time), water, Food and sunscreen.

    Other: Prior reservation required.

    It organizes / Contact

    Wild Iberian Nature

    681 268 935 / 619 848 124

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