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    Braojos: The Church of San Vicente, the "Cathedral of la Sierra Norte". Guided visit.

    Guided tour of St Vincent's Church, known as the "Cathedral of la Sierra Norte", having 400 years of history and is the temple where dance Pastorale, an offering in the form of dance performed by men dressed in traditional costumes. Also inside the visitor can find altarpieces created by Gregorio Hernández in the Renaissance, paintings of the maestro Vicente Carducho or two slats attributed to Pedro de Berruguete "El Viejo". Also a baptismal in stone an image of a crucified Christ from the 14th century or 15th century. The Temple also has a small museum in the Tower, There are carvings of Saints and a chalice and custody of 17TH century game.


    Meeting point: Braojos Tourist Office. Plaza del Sol, 5

    Dates: Thursday, viernes y sábados. For other dates, check availability with the Tourism Office.

    Passes: 11:00 and 12:00h.

    Duration: 45 min approx.

    It includes: Guided visit to the San Vicente Mártir church with access to the Museum which is located in the Tower, viewing of the video of "La Pastorale" and access to the Bell Tower (except during periods of maintenance and cleaning).

    Do not forget to: Disconnect from the routine and go back in time to know the uniqueness of this great work, and ultimately enjoy the cultural charm, Traditional and Natural of the village of Braojos de la Sierra!

    Other: Essential reservation. You can book via the web:
    www.braojos.org/turismo-braojos/web-turismo-braojos or by calling. Groups max. 10 people.


    Audio guides are available to facilitate the understanding of the works.

    It does not have access for people with reduced mobility inside the temple, the choir and bell tower is accessible by steps only.

    It organizes / Contact

    Town Hall of Braojos de la Sierra

    691 271 392

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