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    'Gong bath' a concert of ancient music, by Manuel Cuevas

    The gong is an ancient and powerful tool and much more than a simple percussion instrument. The gong creates a new State energy, It eliminates blockages and accelerates the body's healing process. During gong bath body reach a State of deep relaxation that relieves tensions where breathing becomes deeper and conscious. Finished listening to the sound, It feels light and full of energy.

    The therapeutic effects of TomTom are not associated only to the physical plane: It brings great benefits also for the mind and spirit. It is effective for the treatment of stress-related problems, depression, mental fatigue, the anger management, the feelings of loneliness and separation. He is an ally to overcome fears and phobias. The gong therapy is, because, a way to take care of our body, mind and soul.

    Conducive to meditation and relaxation States obtained with this instrument are within the reach of everyone, even those who have never practiced yoga or other disciplines favoring introspective States. The only requirement to enjoy a bath of gong is the willingness to stand, relax and get to listen to. Open and embrace change.

    From $25 per person

    Prices:– Concert: 25 €
    – Concert and dinner 47 €
    – Concert, dinner, one night's accommodation and breakfast from 90 €
    – Consult other options...
    (Booking required)

    Place: San Antonio garden. C / ascent of the Convento s/n. La Cabrera

    Dates: Consult

    Time and duration: 19:00 h.
    Duration aprox.: 1h 15 min

    It organizes / Contact

    Rural Inside

    91 868 92 14 / 617 401 805

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