• This is... our San Miguel Market

    If your ideal plan is named "incoming", main and dessert", this route will leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

    You've got it very clear.: there's no better plan than to have the appetizer in Malasaña, tapas by Latin, dinner in Ponzano… or make a mix of all this in some of Madrid's most iconic markets, like St. Michael's Market!

    In the Sierra Norte we are also lovers of good food and good drinking: Try the typical products of our land and paladea the taste of unique traditions!

    In the Sierra Norte of Madrid we take care of our hallmarks: the naturalness of our landscapes, that moves to the quality of our products; and rurality, craftsmanship and care of our processes, that permeate them with an authentic taste. Get to know some of our local products!

    We'll conquer you by the stomach


    Do you like spoon plates? You have to try the famous jewish games of the Sierra Norte in Madrid!

    It is of some of the flagship products grown in the Community of Madrid. In particular, are harvested in the municipalities of Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Montejo de la Sierra, La Hiruela, Pradena del Rincon and Puebla de la Sierra.

    The most popular way to eat them is in a judiones stew, potatoes and meat, although they're also delicious incorporating them into other spoon dishes.

    In spring and summer you can also eat them: Use them in the making of warm and fresh salads!

    It's a very healthy food, due to its low fat content and high fiber and protein content, as well as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.


    IGP Meat of the Sierra de Guadarrama

    Meat from the Sierra de Guadarrama is famous for its juiciness and quality, do you want to know why?

    The secrets of beef and yearning of the Sierra de Guadarrama are found, Mainly, in have a delimited territorial area, use specimens of select breeds (Avileña, charolais and limousine) and keep an eye on the whole process to ensure the highest quality, from parenting to consumer sales.

    The Sierra's climate allows the grass to be preserved all summer and the animals can feed in this way until winter. And even in the winter months, animals continue to feed naturally, what is considered one of the main reasons why the meat in this area is so tasty.

    In fresh meat, its appearance is slightly damp, with a red/pinkish color, firm texture and fat infiltrations inside the muscle, which gives you juiciness. In cooked meat, is juicy to chewing.



    Did you know that in Madrid we also have olive trees? Try an exquisite olive oil 100% Madrid!

    In Madrid they are collected every year, approximately, 18 millions of kilos of olives chamomile varieties, Castilian and cornicabra

    Would you like to know its in-depth development process? You can visit the Torremocha mill in groups at least 4 people, up to 10 people.

    north saw oil from madrid
    chocolate sierra north of madrid


    Stop by Rascafría and enjoy a delicious artisan natural chocolate!

    If you're a sweet person, I'm sure chocolate is one of your weaknesses. Stop by Rascafría and enjoy a delicious artisan natural chocolate! Find chocolates of all varieties: Pure, with milk and white, combined with nuts, berries and natural fruits, and even special for celiacs and egg allergic!

    For climatic reasons, we advise you to do your shopping in the fall, winter or spring.



    Tradition and naturalness have their own flavor: artisan cheeses from madrid's Sierra Norte.

    On the way to the Chorrera de San Mamés it's possible to find this little family queseria, who makes artisan cheeses pure goat's and sheep's milk from his own livestock.

    On the way to Patones, deviate towards Torremocha del Jarama and in Torrearte you will discover the factory of Cheese Jaramera, where Lucia and Pedro will explain how they make their 5 varieties of artisan cheese. You can't resist taking a bag!

    In Bustarviejo you will also find local cheese. The taste of The Cape won't leave you indifferent!


    Craft Beer

    Beer never goes out of style but, No doubt, crafting it is trending. Try it!

    If you like beer, you mustn't stop visit the Bustarviejo craft brewery and make a tasting of different varieties, With aperitif included!

    Additional tips: reservation is required, with a minimum number of 10 Assistants. In addition, we recommend warning if you have any food intolerances.


    Organic orchard

    Remember the taste of "before" tomatoes? Well, in the Sierra Norte of Madrid is the "freshly picked up"!

    Nothing like the taste of natural fruits and vegetables! If you are also one of those who appreciate the taste of fruits and vegetables 100% Ecological, don't miss out on visiting Bustarviejo's organic garden.

    In this orchard more than 45 edible species: Chives, Beets, Lettuce, strawberries, Chard, Asparagus, Spinach, carrot peppers, tomates, beans… His secret? Spring water, own fertilizers and pure air.

    You'll find it open every Saturday 11 to 14 hours.


    The Sierra Norte de Madrid is The Other Madrid. Come and learn about this wonderful natural environment and learn about where to eat and where to sleep.

    Enjoy your plans as a family and remember that the Sierra Norte de Madrid welcomes responsible tourists.

    orchard sierra norte de madrid

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