• This is... our Retreat

    Plans for nature lovers in madrid's Sierra Norte. The murmur of a distant waterfall, a cloak of yellow leaves and your backpack on your shoulder, Can you think of a better plan?

    Think of leafy trees, Trails, a pond... what image comes to mind? Maybe it's the Retreat., but once you get to know the Sierra Norte de Madrid, You'll only think of us! Feel nature like you never expected to., Just an hour away from Madrid!

    Would you like to wake up with the singing of the finches, spot vultures and steeds, observe the change in hue of the leaves of the trees and finish a hiking trail under an impressive waterfall? If the answer is "yes", we have what you're looking for!

    Live the wildest and most unexpected Madrid

    Hayedo de Montejo

    The colors of autumn and the vivacity of spring, like you've never enjoyed them before in Madrid.

    The Hayedo de Montejo has been declared Natural Site of National Interest, as it is one of the southernmost beech forests in Europe.

    If you want to get a "day pass" to visit Hayedo on that same day, you should go to the Information Center of the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, in Montejo de la Sierra.

    As it is a protected space, it's important to keep in mind that it can't be visited with a pet, as well as it is forbidden to leave the path drawn.


    Canencia Birch

    Is there a more beautiful light than that seeping through the trees of a footy forest?

    It is located in the Port of Canencia, one of the mountain ports through which you access the Sierra Norte de Madrid, and its spectacular landscape is made up of weeds, Holly, Robles, Birch,…

    To scroll through the Birch there is a route that also passes through the viewpoint of la Chorrera's Mojonavalle, a place of singular beauty with an impressive leap of water.


    Chorrera de San Mamés

    No need to explore faraway places to see stunning waterfalls!

    One of the highest waterfalls in the Community of Madrid! To get to the Chorrera, you can go down a route that runs parallel to the streambed of the jet, entering a wild pine forest.

    We recommend you stop at an artisan cheese shop that is halfway there and try one of the best cheeses in the mountains.

    It is not advisable to make this route with children, since it has a quite steep rise.

    Birding in the Lozoya Valley and the Sierra del Rincón

    Did you know that the Sierra Norte de Madrid is one of the best ornithological destinations in Spain?

    In the Community of Madrid there are more than 300 different bird species, and you can see steppe birds, waterfowl and urban birds.


    Dehesa Bonita de Somosierra

    Connect with nature (and with yourself) surrounded by centuries-old trees...and nothing more!

    Hiking route from the village of Somosierra, What cross meadows and groves (Holly, Robles, Cherry trees, hazelnuts and, above all, Birch), and where it is possible to spot cows and oxen.


    Robregordo holly forest

    Is your favorite time Christmas? Enjoy unparalleled Christmas scenery in our holly pasture!

    This route allows us to discover one of the botanical treasures of the Sierra Norte: the dehesa de Holly Robregordo. Cross the El Plantío Recreation Area, a rest area with snack area, Swings, tables and fountain, next to the Madarquillos River. An ideal place to spend a great day of countryside after taking the route through the holly forest.

    It is important to remember that holly is protected in the region, so it is strictly forbidden to damage plants or cut the slightest branch.


    The Sierra Norte de Madrid is The Other Madrid. Come and learn about this wonderful natural environment and learn about where to eat and where to sleep.

    Remember that the Sierra Norte in Madrid welcomes responsible tourists.

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