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    Pastor y quesero por un día

    If you want to feel shepherd and queasero for a day do not hesitate to come and visit us. You'll get to know our goats, see where and how they live, you'll learn to milk, you will enjoy a very pleasant time in the countryside and you will learn how to shepherd, what our goats eat and what benefits extensive livestock has. Then with the freshly milked milk you can visit our small artisan cheese shop, where we produce natural products without any preservatives. There you can visit the facilities, you'll learn how a cheese shop works, you can make cheese and enjoy a delicious tasting of all our products.

    Starting at $15 per person

    Meeting point: Hiruelo Street, s/n, 28720 Bustarviejo, Madrid

    Where the activity takes place: The visit to the cheese shop is on the street hiruelo in the village of Bstarviejo itself and the visit to livestock is on the farm the dehesa of the valley to 6 miles from Bustarviejo, on the Miraflores road

    Dates: Throughout the year, preferably on weekends.

    Schedule and duration: 4 hours

    It includes: Guided tour of livestock, Grazing, guided tour to the cheese shop, cheese tasting and cheesemaking demonstration.

    Do not forget to: Comfortable and country clothes.

    It organizes / Contact

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