Park national of the Sierra del Guadarrama


Peñalara visitor centre

CTRA. M-604, km 42. Puerto de Cotos. Telf. 91 852 08 57

Valle del paular Visitor Center

CTRA. M-604, km 27,6 (Front of the monastery of el Paular) Rascafría. Telf. 91 869 17 57

The Sierra de Guadarrama with a long scientific tradition, conservation and sport that starts at the end of the nineteenth century, and which is closely linked, was declared National Park in June of 2013.


Park national of the Sierra del Guadarrama

It is located in the eastern part of the Central system and extends by the peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama, occupying an area of 33.960 hectares, of which almost the 64% It is up to the community of Madrid and much of this is included in the Sierra Norte region.

The Sierra de Guadarrama with a long scientific tradition, conservation and sport that starts at the end of the nineteenth century, and which is closely linked, is declared a national park the 25 of June of 2013.

From the lower areas of the Park to the Summit of Peñalara, We can find holm oaks, estepares, Oak, pine forests, Gallery forests, broom and Juniper crawling, high altitude grasslands, cervunal and wet meadows, small patches of birch, Yew or Holly.

The vertebrate fauna is represented by 255 taxa of which 148 they are birds, some of which are among the most threatened of the peninsula as the Black Vulture, the imperial Eagle or black stork. They are more than 58 mammal species found in the Park including the mountain goat, Roe deer, the Wildcat, the Otter, the Badger or Pyrenean desman. Invertebrates include some species so extraordinary as Graellsia or the Apollo Butterfly.

In the area of the Sierra Norte, we would highlight: the summits of the highest peak of the park such as the Pico Peñalara (2428 m.a.s.l.), together with other four peaks surrounding this, over 2271 m. that you make up the crest of the striking massif of Peñalara. On the East slope of the Massif can be seen the best geomorphological samples of glacial action of the Guadarrama: moraines, walls of circus, buckets, lagoons, etc.

The wetlands of the massif of Peñalara, included in the list of the RAMSAR Convention, they have more of 240 high mountain wetlands, between lagoons, ponds, streams and bogs of great interest and ecological value.

The mountainous alignment of the long rope, that maintains a higher altitude to the 2000 m.

The summits of the Montes Carpetanos, where is the peak of the Snowfield (2209 m.), included throughout the glacier of the bare.

The head of the Valle del Lozoya of high ecological value for wildlife and vegetation that holds.

Pine forests of Pinus sylvestris of great environmental value and excellent condition, as the pine forests of el Paular.

Other resources of nature

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