Other activities

Here you can find many other different activities that offer companies in the Sierra Norte de Madrid to make your trip unforgettable.

In our reservoirs you can spend memorable days in search of your favorite fish species, from the common native as catfish and trout species, even other species introduced into our waters, like carp, Pike and black-bass, through our favorite fishing style. In all the towns situated on the banks of the Lozoya River.

Fun, nature, environmental education, activities... the Sierra Norte has the facilities and the necessary professionals so that children and young people to enjoy an unforgettable summer camp. Quality in nature facilities, routes, nautical activities, multi...

Learn while having fun with the workshops of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, where are you working with raw materials and techniques that teach us the value of our environment and every natural element that surrounds us.
Also workshops to give rein to your creativity by creating art.

The professionals are responsible for teach you all the techniques, theory and practices to see how to make a greener perspective resources.

Stroll through Madrid's Sierra Norte and let a professional photographer take the most beautiful moments with their camera as a family, couple or with friends. You can also take a Photo Tour and get the most out of your camera…

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