The Sierra Norte de Madrid is the wildest and most protected of the community of Madrid

It includes the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, the reserve of the biosphere of the Sierra del Rincón and the SCI of the Lozoya and Jarama rivers basins. The high Lozoya, the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and its peripheral area are listed as SPAs.

The Region alternates a great variety of ecosystems such as the high mountain with peaks above the 2000 meters, where we find high grasslands, broom and Juniper crawling, cervunal and wet meadows. As we go down, we find large masses of Scots pine, followed by centenary oak groves and holm oaks. In addition to unique birch stains, beech, Yew or Holly. Also aquatic ecosystems such as the 5 reservoirs that houses the region, the source of the most important rivers of the Community of Madrid or the lagoons of glacial origin of Peñalara, declared RAMSAR site under the name of wetlands of the massif of Peñalara.


Nature areas


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