• Forge now is the old village smithy


    The forge

    The forge of Villavieja del Lozoya is located in the old village smithy, also where is the point of tourist information about the town.

    This was the place of meeting of residents of the village when the time not allowed to engage in agricultural and livestock work. Just like the laundry room was the meeting place for women.

    There were manufactured horseshoes from the horses and cows corns, In addition to arrange various farming tools and household utensils. The iron was a luxury in the postwar period, anything from this metal they could find in the field leading to Blacksmith, with him it was from cart to rivet wheels.

    The essential elements of the blacksmith work are preserved in the forge: the bellows, the anvil, cool stack and parts such as oil lamps for lighting. In addition there are other pieces of the Museum that are intended to count in this mountain village life was like how weird shoes made of rubber, simple straw dolls...



    C / la Fragua, 29. 28739 Villavieja del Lozoya (Madrid)


    Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays by reservation.
    The day of the day of the sidewalk and the Villa will visit the Museum and it is told by someone from the municipality.


    City Hall. Villavieja de Lozoya
    Tel.: 918680341
    Email: turismo@villaviejadellozoya.es

    Museums de la Sierra Norte de Madrid
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