Wonders of the Lozoya; Rascafría and Lozoya Buitrago

    We invite you to know the two Villas of Madrid in the Valle del Lozoya: Rascafría and Lozoya Buitrago. United Valley and river and historically separated for administrative reasons, these two populations have adopted a very different personality, Rascafría Buitrago defensive and livestock with a forest and monastic vocation.

    The town of Rascafría, Nestled at the foot of the massif of Peñalara, It forms one of the gates of the Sierra de Guadarrama P.N. Crowned by the monastery of Sta. María del Paular, that such influence has resulted in the villa and in the Valley, Rascafría is today the Centre of the head of the Valley. Noteworthy are its Mudejar style buildings, the Museum of traditional costumes, the old hospital or St. Andrew Apostle. All an explosion of culture, tradition and natural beauty.

    In Buitrago de Lozoya, you will have the feeling of being in another time, the walls speak to us of a border past, last defensive bastion for the Arabs and also for Christians in the thin border line known as the average mark.

    Inside, In addition to stroll through the streets or by the adarve from which the views are amazing, We will find authentic works of art. A must-see since it implies a genuine return to the middle ages.

    Day 1
    We will begin our path toward the town of Rascafría. A Benedictine monk will guide us by the monastery of Santa Maria de el Paular, considered the architectural jewel of the Valle del Lozoya.

    On the other side of the monastery, in the bridge of forgiveness, through the Finnish forest we will access the town of Rascafría. After tasting the products of the land in a restaurant of the town, You can stroll the streets of the town where we encourage you to visit the Museum of traditional costumes, or contemplate the beautiful statue of the Archangel Michael at the Church of San Andrés.

    To dismiss the day, rest in accommodation of the municipality.

    Day 2
    We approach of Buitrago de Lozoya, the first thing that surprises us is the medieval wall that surrounds the Villa, and the good state of conservation which is.

    Accompanied by a guide, We will visit this villa and its whole historical, where to find authentic works of art such as the Alcázar or Castle of the Mendoza, the clock tower, the Barbican, Coracha, the Gothic church of Sta. María de el Castillo, also known as "the Church of the three cultures". After eating at one of the restaurants in the city, visit the Picasso Museum, opened by Eugenio Arias in 1985, End of our services.

    100 € per person. Transportation not included.
    115 € per person for groups (min. 20 Pax) It includes bus.

    2 days, 1 night.
    Possibility of reducing the experience a day in a single Villa (Buitrago or Rascafría), or extend it another day combined with the following experience

    Guided visit to the monastery of Santa Maria de El Paular, Bridge of forgiveness, Finnish forest, Arboretum "Giner de los Ríos", food in restaurant in Rascafría. Accommodation in Rascafría MP (breakfast and dinner). Guided visit to Buitrago de Lozoya. Shuttle bus (only for groups, minimum 20 people).

    All audiences, couples, families, friends. Organized groups (minimum 20 people); Retired, Students, Associations... Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

    Throughout the year.

    Rascafría and Lozoya Buitrago.

    Clothes & footwear comfortable and appropriate to the time of the year.


    Sapphire Travels

    Isabel Ferez

    646 737 134

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