• The most authentic recipes of the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    Within the mountain culture one of the most importantes es su Gastronomy What tiene una identidad propia por su situación geográfica y la necesidad de adaptar la gastronomía y local products a una orografía de montaña, influenced by its historical links with Segovia and Guadalajara, that print an original, indigenous character to it.

    Madrid's Sierra Norte is here to eat

    Beyond the folkloric question of the particular recipe, what is revealed to us is something much deeper and more interesting, by all known but often forgotten: that traditional rural societies lived intimately linked to nature and the cycles it imposes.

    Por eLlo, la Sierra Norte Madrid wants to give a conocer un territorio que ofrece grandes posibilidades a los visitantes a través de sus recetas y sus productos locales, these based on meats of extraordinary quality, the killing, legumes, vegetables, honey, and those that naturally provide the environment, hunting, river fishing, setas o plantas silvestres hacen un micro-de-business propio, within the great variety that Madrid has.

    To publicize theto mountain cuisine y gracias a the Mancomunidad de Servicios Sociales a project has been carried out to value a recetario tradicional recuperando recetas tradicionales vinculadas a productos locales, that remain in the memory of older neighbors.

    judias de la sierra norte
    migas de la sierra norte de madrid


    Los puches, este postre se hacía en el día de Todos los Santos. The puches are really good, but if in every spoonful you eat you go a piece of bread (Angel) they're much better. The grace of the puches are the little angels.

    Judías ceroyas, las judías ceroyas son las que quedan sin secar, the last of the harvest. Se recogen en septiembre u octubre y son deliciosas.

    White beans with pig's ear and leg, por tradición se ha pasado la receta de padres a hijos. They are made all year round.

    Onion sausages, onion sausages are made during slaughter. In the months of November and December. They had to be consumed so they wouldn't spoil.

    Tortilla dulce, this dessert was made for Easter Monday. He was carried to the horn.

    Sweet crumbs, las migas dulces se realizan durante la matanza. En un poco de manteca derretida se fríen las manzanas y en la manteca sobrante se hacen las migas.

    Stewed cabbage, eit's a very old traditional recipe, moving from parents to children and grandchildren.
    It's a winter meal, from November que es cuando se recogía esta vegetable.

    Mantecadas, se elaboraban para Take advantageR la manteca de la matanza. Poniendo en una fuente aceite, butter, cinnamon, orange zest, Anise, vino y sugar.

    No olvides probar el famoso “Jerpillo Serrano”! This dessert is a tribute to our suffering Serrano shepherds who for generations have taken care of their livestock in our mountains y que puedes degustar en los restaurantes del territorio.

    Treat yourself to the most authentic recipes of the Sierra Norte de Madrid and get to know our territory from your palate!

    jerpillo serrano

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