Las lagunillas y el Nevero

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Las Lagunillas Recreation Area.

    Route of some difficulty in which in winter we must be properly equipped due to the snow and ice that we can find. The route shows us an old glacier today where we can see some small alpine lagoons before reaching the roof of the Carpetanos Mountains, the peak of the Nevero (2209 m).


    Distance: 7,5 km

    Time: 3h

    Positive slope: 487 m

    Difficulty: 3 / 5

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    Beautiful route, essential for Guadarrama lovers and mountain geology enthusiasts, already uqe the route allows us to visit one of the most important todays glaciers of the Montes carpetanos, Pinilla's hoya.

    We start from the recreational area of the lagunillas, on the km 11 of the M-637 road linking Lozoya with the Port of Navafría at about 500m before reaching the port. We take the path that goes to the bottom of the parquin and enter the pine forest, for a short time, since we're almost at its altitude limit so it soon alternates with the piornal and a little higher, the pyorno becomes the protagonist of the landscape. The trail is gaining height and leads us to Peña Cuervo, where a nice viewpoint is located, where we can revel in the view over the Lozoya Valley. Back on the road and after crossing the stone wall that separates the terms of Lozoya and Pinilla del Valle, the trail drifts uphill, to the right and in just 10 minutes ends on the edge of what was a glacial moraine. We are in the Hoya de Pinilla, a little glacial circus that doesn't lack anything: boats polished by the millennial work of glacial friction, rocky brunettes and a flattened area where three temporary lagunillas are accommodated.

    We take the road and take the ascent to the summit by an easy path that surrounds the western end of the circus, to end up crowning Nevero Peak for its SO slope. We say easy, since from the lagunillas there are several channels through which equipped with crampons can be ascended to the nevero and that carry some difficulty.

    Once at the summit, the views are breathtaking, the Cordal of the Carpetanos Mountains to the Southwest, topped by the Peñalara massif and the Long Rope. Further down the Lozoya Valley furrowed by the Lozoya River and Pinilla Reservoir, to the west the Castilian plain…

    We started the turn heading northeast, continuing through this wide cordal of more than 50km that form the Carpetanos Mountains, the descent is smooth until you reach the Upper Port, from where we can see how the line of gentle summits continues to the Northeast. From here the descent is more pronounced, soon after we entered the pine forest, and shortly before we get to the port we take a road to our right that takes us back to the recreational area.

    Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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