• Route On the front line. Civil War war infrastructure

    The Sierra Norte de Madrid was an important witness to the Spanish Civil War. Being the entrance to the capital from the north and housing the reservoirs that supplied water to the city, had great relevance in the struggle of both sides for their territory. In it, hide the remnants of battles that whisper to you its gripping and bitter story, and that you can hear through this route, some key places in the conflict.

    Discover the remnants of the battles

    1. Our tour begins in the Water front. To know him, we'll take a walking route from Walls of Buitrago, village of the municipality of Puentes Viejas and where we parked the car. The continuing tension in which this front remained contributed to the today hostel the largest concentration of war infrastructure on both sides preserved in the region. Command posts, machine gun nests and trenches are some of the footprints you'll find along the way. The tour starts at the Water Front Interpretation Centre, where you'll find out more about its history. Pyou do the rexplore for free or discover much more with the guided route provided by the company Paredes Paradise.

    At the end of the front route, don't get lost the Old Bridges Reservoir Dam, one of those who supplied Madrid. To get there, the southern section of the Water Front route continues on foot; halfway between Walls of Buitrago and SandS Position, crosses the M-135 road and continues along the livestock road just opposite, until we find the dam. In a beautiful natural environment, this colossal giant guards the waters of the Lozoya River, fundamental enclave of our country's most recent war.

    2. From Walls of Buitrago, we get on with the car lozoya course and, between holm oaks and junipers, we find traces of the Front of Somosierra. You can get to know him through a walking tour of 11 km, parking in the charming little village of Piñuécar, where the road starts. We invite you to look at the proximity of the front lines on both sides and the mythical war sites you will find along the trail, like La Peña del Alemán. Open your eyes and your heart well if you don't want to miss the story of those who stepped on this earth at that time, defending his life. Circular route from Piñuecar or Gandullas: Route through the Somosierra Front.

    3. Climbing to the north of our mountain range, we recommend you make a stop at Robregordo for know the Somosierra Tunnel. This was part of the Madrid-Burgos railway line, one of the best ways to enter the capital by Somosierra and the one used by Franco's soldiers. Today, is covered and the train rails are deprecated, but if you pay attention, you can still hear the echo of his footsteps rumbling inside tunnel and against the metal of the tracks, heading to his Destination.

    4. Undoing the path of Franco's soldiers coming north, we got to our last stop, Somosierra, What was a strategic point in the contest: the northern entrance to Madrid. In addition, this area had already been the scene of another war: the War of Independence. The 30 November of 1808, Polish cavalry, under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte, made its way among Spanish troops This Port mountain, after an arduous struggle. We recommend you visit the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, where we can see a commemorative plaque to the soldiers of both countries and other details that will surprise you.

    Like a stop along the way, we suggest you visit the Bustarviejo Penal Detachment that housed, Mainly, political prisoners during the post-war period and that you may know today thanks to the Association The Barracks and Bustarviejo City Council, organizingN guided tours the first Saturday of each month to the 11 h.

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