The sources of the Jarama. MTB

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Puerto de La Puebla

    Route through one of the most hidden valleys in the Sierra Norte, specifically the headwaters and the high valley of Jarama. A very complete route, landscapes, Forests, ports and towns combine on this particular route.


    Distance: 32,7 km

    Tiempo aprox.: of 3 to 4 h

    Positive slope: 911 m

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    We leave Horcajuelo de la Sierra by the way of the Pinillas. The road leads to a cattle area, but before we get to the ships it forks, we take the road that goes out to our left and soon after at the next junction, we're still head-on. The road ascends through an area cleared of pastures and scrub entering the valley that forms the stream of the Cabrillas. After a couple of miles we reached a watering hole, the ascent now is a little softer, and after another horseshoe curve, we faced a short ramp before reaching the High of The Age. We changed the slope, we call until we enter a new path upwards, we cross a fence and at the next junction we stay on the same path that performs a horseshoe curve. Then, we go all the top of the valley ascending in a tending way, without large ramps allowing us a very comfortable ascent. Behind a horseshoe curve, from which a path starts, one last ramp, leaves us on the Mosquito Col at more than 1800m. From the hill opens a beautiful landscape of summits and mountains, like the Sierra de la Cebollera vieja, presided over by the three Provinces, or the Pinilla Rope where the Wolf's beak reigns with its 2273m.

    We begin the descent, near the first bend, hides the birth of the Jarama and in front we can see the jump of the stream of the Chorrera that soon after will join this. The descent, of 16 km until we reach the port of El Cardoso, leaves us stunning panoramas. In front of us is deployed the cordal of the Cerrón, formed by several summits of more than 2000m, culminating in the Cerro de la Calahorra and extends a forest variety that if we are in autumn will force us to make several stops to admire the mosaic of colors that floods the landscape. Before arriving at Puerto del Cardoso, we pass through the upper part of the montejo bee.

    Once in the Port, we join the road that goes to Montejo de la Sierra, there are indicator arrows. The road travels the west slope of the valley that goes down from the Port, and later delved into the montejo pasture. We go through the pasture, where we can see the irrigation rafts of the watering. By the way of the water we arrive in Montejo. We take the path of the orchards, neighborhood road that in a kilometer leaves us on the road leading to Horcajuelo, we only have the last meters left to finish our route.

    Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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