• The Sierra Norte of Madrid on horseback

    In the Sierra Norte of Madrid you will find multiple companies that are dedicated to doing horseback riding activities both on the track in the equestrian centers and farms and routes along the roads of the Lozoya Valley. Around the villages of Buitrago del Lozoya or Bustarviejo or the Sierra de la Cabrera. In addition, in the Sierra del Rincón is the first equestrian route of the community of Madrid. The IE-041 it has 70km that run through the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, with a circular layout and branches that connect the municipalities of Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Montejo de la Sierra, Pradena del Rincon, La Hiruela and Puebla de la Sierra. It's the first equestrian route signposted and accredited by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation in the community of Madrid. This itinerary has also been approved as GR 303 with the Madrid Mountaineering Federation (FMM).

    Plans for all levels, for beginners who want to have a first touchdown to level users

    ¡A trotar! and Grab the reins and get away – Equestrian Demei

    The finde arrives and everyone wants to do something different, with “¡A trotar!” You will enjoy a family activity in which everyone will learn in the Sierra Norte of Madrid you will spend some time without mobiles (except for taking pictures) no video games or tablets, teaching your children other ways to enjoy nature.

    Disconnect with the activity "Take the reins and escape" in which you can hear the noise of their helmets, see the cows with their terneritos look at us without surprise and raise the view of the sky to find on-the-fly kites.

    Paseo en Pony and Paseos a caballo – Finca Equilibrium

    Enjoy a Pony Ride for the little ones or horseback riding around finca Equilibrium in Torrelaguna.

    The little ones will want to see their new friends the ponys again.

    Walks and horseback riding through the Bustarviejo Valley and Hugging horses – Cuadra las Beceas

    Get to know the environment of Bustarviejo in an exceptional and environmentally friendly way, observing nature from a new and enriching perspective. With nuances of different colors and different sensations, who can only feel these places touring in a privileged way, in the company of our friends the horses.

    In addition, know the therapy with horses, reduces stress, controlling anxiety and improves your mood.

    take the reins
    horseback riding routes in bustarviejo

    Ruta a caballo por la Sierra Norte de Madrid – Centro Hípico y de Pupilaje de Buitrago del Lozoya

    Enjoy horseback riding routes Sierra de Madrid offers you routes through the Sierra Norte, in the environment of Buitrago del Lozoya. Come riding in Madrid with routes adapted to all levels, from 1 hour duration to several days.

    Trek on horseback by the Sierra de la Cabrera – C.D.E. Albero equestrian centre. Redueña

    You will enjoy an unforgettable ride whose main route runs between Oaks, junipers and Oaks, and the pleasant aroma of the jaras and rosemary of the Dehesa Boyal de Redueña to culminate in the surroundings of the Convent of San Antonio. One of the best horseback riding sites in Madrid's Sierra Norte.

    Trek on horseback by the Lozoya valley Natural Environment – Horses of the Valley

    The Lozoya Valley provides us with an immensity of possible routes, across forests, meadows, rivers, cannons, Summits... The routes are 1, 2 o 3 hours, and we are organizing them according to customer demand, up to a maximum of 10 horses by route, using horses prepared for all types of riders.

    You can also visit our places with routes and donkey rides, know the countryside and the fauna of our region. Enjoy a walk of the most natural in Garganta de los Montes.

    The best planes to do in Madrid you find them in the Sierra Norte. Active tourism, family tours, gastronomic experiences, nature near Madrid, plans to relax and meditate and our mountainous version of cultural Madrid.

    The Sierra Norte de Madrid is The Other Madrid. Come and learn about this wonderful natural environment and learn about where to eat and where to sleep.

    sierra norte de madrid on horseback

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