• Madrid's Sierra Norte welcomes responsible tourists

    One of the great challenges of promoting tourism in our destination, is that it is a dynamizer of the local economy but also that it is a responsible tourism and that attracts travelers with great respect for nature, with a relentless pursuit of the rurality and authenticity of the peoples, consumers of a gastronomy that includes the local product and interested in the recovery of traditions, sustainability, active tourism and, Also, the rest.

    A large part of the sustainable development goals that the United Nations has set for 2030 affect the travel industry, some examples of them are:

    Efficient use of resources

    Environmental and heritage protection

    Sustainable economic growth

    Respect for cultural values and safety in destinations

    There are some keys that in Sierra Norte de Madrid we care about meeting to try to protect the public health of tourists, visitors and locals.

    The behavior behind the current health crisis will undergo a big change in travellers who will pay more attention to the places where they spend their time, they'll look for outdoor spots, less crowded, avoiding those where they don't feel safe.

    The Sierra Norte de Madrid as a tourist destination is positioned as a safe destination offering outdoor and nature experiences that should see an increase in demand when we can leave home, we are a territory outside of typical itineraries, it's very easy to get to with your own vehicle in just over an hour from the capital.

    Tourist entrepreneurs at the destination they're great hosts, overly concerned about making customers feel better than at home, respect their people, to their neighbors, they love their work and feel genuine ambassadors of our destiny.

    This small sustainable tourism industry, is looking forward to adapting your small businesses to your health security. In times of crisis like those of us who live only the sense of collectivity, respect and responsible tourism will ensure that they can continue to exist and welcome you in their homes.

    They deserve you to visit them again.!

    From the Sierra Norte in Madrid we believe that this health crisis will be an opportunity to increase awareness of consuming the close, to increase engagement with the local, we are now encouraged to make this change in the way you consume in your way of behaving when you travel, this will help to energize the local economy, to improve our health, and to achieve a more sustainable Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    They deserve you to visit them again.!

    We propose 10 recommendations to be responsible when you come to the Sierra Norte in Madrid.

    1. Prepare your trip. Find out and know the destination before you come. Importantly know the best way to get there and get around the area.

    2. Meet our tourism technicians. Once at the destination we have several tourist offices from which to inform you of everything you can do in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    3. Consume local. We have a lot of local producers who will open their doors to you. This will help to boost the local economy.

    4. Looking for responsible rural accommodation. We have accommodations looking for a low environmental impact. Remember to treat accommodation as your home, don't waste energy.

    5. Destination Waste 0. The Commonwealth Valle Norte de Lozoya is responsible for waste management in the Sierra Norte de Madrid and aims to achieve a waste collection as separate as possible thanks to the participation of households, shops and visitors to the Sierra Norte in Madrid. Help

    6. Respect cultural heritage. Don't leave a mark, graffiti and rubbish in the monuments. Some damage to the estate is irreversible.

    7. Respect natural heritage. Don't extract flora or fauna from their habitats. Learn about restrictions on Protected Natural Spaces.

    8. Find the least polluting means of transport. When you arrive in the Sierra Norte de Madrid you have many options to practice cycling and hiking and forget about the car.

    9. Live and know the customs of fate. Let yourself be guided by the local population and come to discover the traditions of our most characteristic festivals. There is at least one at a time of year.

    10. We are the most protected and rural destination in the Community of Madrid. Respect our territory without getting off the roads, remember to take your dog tied up and close the bushes you find in your path. Remember that it is not allowed to make fire or free camping.


    Responsible Tourists The Sierra Norte de Madrid, awaits you!

    Make your holiday village, que tus vacaciones sean en la #SierraNortedeMadrid.

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